LTC big win

Forget Bitcoin! Litecoin is in and is making moves in the market. Within this first week it has doubled it’s price which was originally 154 USD! The numbers are climbing and people are buying into it like crazy. Bitcoin sky rocketed as well but there are many predictions that it will fall for how many people are gonna sell. If you want to buy litecoin, the easiest way is to download the app Coinbase. Here you can purchase how much you want with USD currency and then you can keep it there which seems like a good idea until it reaches a high enough point where you wanna end up selling. The price has been fluctuating so it is good to keep tabs on when it is reaching high numbers. Purchase Litecoin now before it blows up just like bitcoin.

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Top Unique artist: IC3PEAK

If you love russian music and hardcore rap then this artist is for you. This girl is a russian rapper and her music is mixed with saddness and heavy shadow rap. Very aesthetic music with a mixture of darkness to it. It is something I have never heard of and it will make you feel like your listening to the goddess of Satan. They have started blowing up with their killer song, “sad bitch” and will continue to rise with their creative music style. If you cannot handle screamo then this artist is probably not for you but it is worth a try with their diverse genre of music.

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XXXTENTACION released christmas album!

Wait, XXXTENTACION is back?? Yes, he is and dropped an album just for the holidays. His album is mixed with soft and hardcore raps he just released and they are dope. Some of his song have to do with Donald trump and other random stuff rappers scream about which is mainly nonsense but hey it sounds cool. He hasn’t uploaded in a long time and there were rumors that he was done making music but apparently that was a lie. If you like X then you will love this album so get on sound cloud and have a listen to this heat. It is already blowing up and it is only been two days so you know this track will go viral.

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lofi spotlight: potsu

“reach for the roof and give me all your gold bricks” Potsu is killing it with these sexy lofi drops. Hitting 24k on soundcloud, potsu is dropping numbers on his songs and the reason why is because they are just so relaxing! His music can help anyone sleep at night and I recommend you give it a listen if you are a big fan of lofi music. Even if your not, if you enjoy chill music then you can appreciate the work this person brings to this site/app. He is very consistent with his uploads and he also sells merchandise and uploads on different social media platforms so you should check them out!

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EDM spotlight: Kozoro

Kozoro is a very underrated artist on soundcloud. His edm music is so breathtaking and soothing words really cannot describe his tracks. Everytime I listen it really warms my heart and confuses me how he isn’t that known yet. He has gotten connected with spotify so he expanded but he really needs more love to be honest. He still uploads so if you wanna listen to some heart caring melodic music, you should give him a listen and you will not be sorry. I recommend his very first “something more”; truly beautiful.

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Funniest artist spotlight: KANKERMODE

KANKERMODE is a soundcloud artist that does a great job of mixing rappers of this year with disco music from the 80’s. It’s just a hilarious idea and it sounds really polished and actually good. What makes it so funny is the type of artist he takes which is lil pump and xxxtentacion; both heavy raging rappers. I haven’t seen any mix like this before so If your a fan both genre types, you will mostly love this or hate it. He is starting to blow up so these song might become popular so you should give it a listen.

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Chill artist spotlight: Skitकिट

This man possess such talent for instrumental beats. It feels like every one of his songs play such a powerful message and no lyrics are ever needed. It is very chill and it gives you this 4am staring at the stars type of vibe. He has other soundcloud accounts but this is where the masterpieces are placed and I give this man such praise for making me get this nice vibe from his beats. If your trying to relax under the stars or anywhere I would give one of his songs a listen.

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Rapper Spotlight: 9TAILS

The reason why I think this guy deserves the spotlight because his lyrics are so real and down to earth. If you listen his recent songs you can really feel for him and vibe to it because it really hits home. Besides that the music is so beautiful and it really captivates the emotion of his lyrics. He continues to uploads and is pretty consistent with his uploads. His fan base keeps growing and it’s bigger so you should check him out on soundcloud and give it a listen if your a fan for sad authentic music.

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Sad artist spotlight: 93FEETOFSMOKE

93FEETOFSMOKE has made big moves on soundcloud. If you like listening to sad music then I highly recommend listening  to this artist. His music is a form of sad alternative rock that really captivates the sadness of relationships. He is on the verge of hitting 10k followers on Soundcloud and what has helped him is his features with other people like LIL LOTUS and shinigami. They made some great music and if you are having troubles with relationships and need something to relate to I recommended giving his music a listen.

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On the Rise: Kina

Kina is a soundcloud artist and he is bringing fire to this app. He has been uploading for the past year and it is so chill and relaxing everyone should take a listen. His latest song is “no reason” and it takes you on a ride of pure relaxation. It is all produced bu Kina and we expect more of it in the future. He has also done a cover with shiloh, who has an amazing voice and they views on their collaborations have been great. I recommend checking him out on sound cloud if your into sad

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