Professional Portrait

Hi everyone! I’m Maggie and I am a very proud Houstonian (home of Beyoncé, in case you didn’t know). I am a senior Public Relations major with a minor in Nonprofit Organizational Studies. I hope to one day break through some of the marketing barriers that are currently in the nonprofit sector and help change the world!

I believe in loving people as an action and investing in relationships. I get to put these two things into practice every summer where I serve as a camp counselor at Camp Cho-Yeh. Camp is truly my passion and I think it is an incredible venue to reach kids and youth and impact them for the better.

Here in Norman, I am very involved with Lifestream at Journey Church, a college worship experience. This is where I found my niche in college and the people I have met through this ministry have changed my life. Starting this semester, I have the opportunity to serve as the Marketing/PR intern for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. I am very excited to start this new adventure and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me.

As far as design, I have always been creatively minded and love thinking of new ways to reach people. This past semester I designed a sticker to help raise funds for a mission trip I went on over the summer. I created a “head’s up” campaign where I got a bunch of my friends to post pictures on social media of them with the sticker on their forehead to help me raise awareness about the stickers, raise awareness about my trip and ultimately raise funds. This campaign was extremely successful and I had my entire trip paid for in about two weeks.

I am looking forward to a fun semester in this class and to learning new things !!


Journal Blog 1 Introduction to “Me”

So, this is new. My name is Dylan Keller. I have been at OU for four years now working on my undergraduate degree in English Writing. During my career as a college student I have gotten married, bought a house, and had a daughter. I am currently 31 days away from having my second child, a boy. If all goes according to plan (nothing ever does) I will be graduating in May and I will get my teaching certificate and teach in the Norman area.

I love children. I am currently a private guitar instructor for kids and host recitals at OU and Hillsdale Baptist College. I love seeing children learn something new and aspire to be better. I believe that music is a way of expression and people of all ages need to express themselves in some way or they might just go crazy!

I have never had a blog, I hardly know anything about research engines. I took a class a few semesters ago where we learned how to cite works and use search engines to our advantage when researching materials for research papers but I hardly remember the class content, it was a while ago and I have “preggo” brain to the max. I am looking forward to this class and conspiring with others in the class through discussions and blogs. In fact, no lie, I am super excited about this blog. I have always wanted to be a “blogger” but finding the time to do anything besides homework, work, wife chores, mommy chores, and daily chores has proven to be extremely difficult, and a second child isn’t going to make anything easier! I am a writer and I love to express myself through words so I am really looking forward to forcing myself to blog and manage a discussion board throughout this class.

Professional Portrait

My name is Maddie Owen and I am a junior studying public relations at the University of Oklahoma. I am a lover of travel because I have been lucky enough to call London and Dubai home. I believe that life is what you make it and that every day should be lived to its fullest. Living by these two mottos in my daily life has pushed me to be the best version of myself. I am currently an intern at a sports non profit organization in Oklahoma City. My goals in life guide me to try my hardest to achieve my wildest dreams. My A type personality also guides me, making lists and keeping organized not only helps me stay sane but also keeps me on track to one day achieve the goals I’m striving for. Having an A type personality also keeps me motivated constantly. I have my wildest dreams and goals that one day I hope to cross off my list and I think that those keep me motivated to not only live in the moment but strive towards my future as well. Design has always been apart of my life, art class was one of my favorite classes to take each year growing up. As I have gotten older design has continued to be apart of my life but it is forever evolving. I am extremely interested in online design at this stage in my life.


My favorite spot on OU’s campus

On the corner of College Ave. and Emerald Way in Norman, OK., sits a gorgeous, ivory house that over 200 young women pridefully call home. Rich green grass and an abundance of colorful flowers line the circle driveway upon entering the brick entryway. A crystal chandelier hangs inside of the front door that brightens the face of every woman that fills the house with happiness, laughter and memories that will last a lifetime.

Alpha Phi Bid Day 2015

Two years ago I was blessed to run onto the lawn of Alpha Phi and begin my Greek journey with new friendships that would not last just 4 years, but for life. I never imagined when I came to college that I would find a place to call home that offered endless support and admirable hospitality during such a huge milestone in my life. During the time I have spent as a member of Alpha Phi I have learned quality life-traits that have helped me mature from a young college girl to a career-driven, young adult.

As I prepare to take my first steps into adulthood upon graduation in the spring, I will accept my alumna pin of Alpha Phi. The pin will represent all the times and memories I shared with my sorority sisters that make Alpha Phi my favorite spot on OU’s campus.

The Alpha Phi Sorority house planted its roots on The University of Oklahoma’s campus in the early 1970’s. The Oklahoma chapter plans to continue welcoming young women into its sisterhood for many more years to come.

Professional Portrait

Hey there! I’m Jardin May, a spunky, outgoing, but most of all determined southern girl with dreams of making it to the city. Born and raised in the Dallas suburbs of Arlington, Texas,  I am currently a junior at the University of Oklahoma majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Sports Management.

With the help of God, I have hopes of one day starting my very own Public Relations firm in New York City specializing in the images of professional athletes and sports organizations. My ultimate goal in life is to do what makes me the happiest to a certain extent.

Tommy Lasorda once said, “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.” This quote almost perfectly captures what guides me in life because I have so much determination and my determination is what drives me to do the things that I do.

My motivation comes partially from my parents and partially from what I see that others have that I don’t. When I see things in life that I cant have at the moment, I don’t get jealous or envy people. I just use them as motivation to succeed so that I too can have those things.

Design fits into my life in a lot of aspects. I want to go into the Public Relations field and design is especially important with that profession. Public Relations is basically designing and maintaining a person’s, or organizations public image. In PR, you’re constantly designing things in order to protect the image of your clients and your own company. For example, as a PR specialist you would need to design websites, templates, business cards, campaigns, etc, all for your clients in order for them to be successfully represented. In PR, design is apart of the job.

Professional Portrait

Hi Everyone! I’m Lauren Oven, a senior at the University of Oklahoma. My major is Public Relations with a minor in Interior Design. I’m from Broken Arrow, OK (basically Tulsa) and I am now in love with my life here in Norman.

I believe in people and relationships. I recently decided that as a senior, I was going to make sure I spend time this year not only on myself, but investing in others that have yet to experience what I have, just as others did for me during my first few years of college. I like to think that I do a lot in my life but I always know I can be doing more. I am very invested in my sorority, even as a senior. The values and sisterhood I have gained from those girls has truly changed the way I live (cheesy, I know). This past summer, I worked my third and last Camp Crimson as a Small Group Leader and I will be forever grateful to camp and the relationships that were made there. Through my sorority and Camp Crimson, I have been given countless opportunities to invest my time and energy into others.

Besides that, I love to be social and laugh with my friends. I’m very passionate about sports and would love to one day work in the professional sports industry with athletes or teams. Growing up playing sports, I learned so many life lessons that make sports so much more than just a game to me.

My family is the most important thing in my life. They guide me and challenge me through the ups and downs. My older sister is my ultimate role model and I will always be proud to follow in her footsteps. I also hope I have been that to my younger brother as well. My family and friends guide me to be the best I can be and are constantly pushing me to that. They motivate me to keep going, always.

I see design as a big part of my life. As an Interior Design minor, I have been able to really see the ins and outs of design in different ways than most. I am a very visual person and a visual learner, so without design I’m lost. Design is something I can relate to and understand. I’m really excited to learn new aspects of design through this course and how design can take shape through Public Relations.

Course Blog Stream

Periodically, blog-style postings will appear here.  I won’t use this space for assignment deadlines, readings, or other important stuff.  Think of the blog as an ongoing supplement to the course.  If I hear news relating to our theme, or one of our protagonists, I’ll blog about it!  If I come across an especially interesting or useful resource, I’ll blog about it–and so on….

Tupac Shakur

Oscar Wilde

“If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad. As to that regular, uninterrupted love of writing. I do not understand it. I feel it as a torture, which I must get rid of, but never as a pleasure. On the contrary, I think composition a great pain.”

Since this is a writing course, I thought I’d begin blogging by discussing one of those “inspirational” sayings, available at the linked site in pre-packaged form ready for consumption all over the web!

I have two purposes in linking you to this quote:  first, to let you know that writing is supposed to be a struggle!  That is, writing is a struggle sometimes for every writer; and Byron’s word “composition” (a word that would soon be made into a technical term and lead to today’s “freshman comp”) carries with it the sense that writing can feel forced, artificial, unnatural.  (Yet the other side of that artificiality is the sense of being compelled to write–Byron here puts a negative spin on that feeling; the positive version of it gets described with words like “inspiration.”)

My second purpose is to begin a conversation about how writing works on the wild, wild web–a space where citations circulate constantly, appearing and reappearing in new contexts.

Leaving aside the whole matter of intellectual property law for now, let me ask a couple of basic questions about how the linked website uses this words it quotes.

What do you think the site’s purpose is?  What do we learn by the way they handle those particular words; by the way they handle quotation in general?  (When was the first time somebody tried to school you for using a quotation “out of context”?)

I’ve enabled comments on this post.  Our regular discussion will take place in the forums, which are organized by subform and topic.  However, commenting on a blog post, in response to my questions, will be available as an extra-credit option!  (I expect that the first comment will be ‘how MUCH extra credit???’)    :-)

†The correct word here would be “quotation.”  I use “quote” because that’s how people write informally in 2015.  I will let you use “quote” in discussion forums; I will suggest revision if you deploy it in formal essays.  I say all this in a footnote because I am incorrigibly nerdy!–& because I am trying to decide if footnotes even work in this format…

Candace Hinnergardt

Candace Hinnergardt is a public relations student with a minor in psychology at the University of Oklahoma. She is going on three years of being an active member of OU PRSSA and is serving on the executive board as Treasurer. When it comes to design, she considers herself knowledge in Adobe Creative Cloud software including InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator thought Illustrator is her hands-down favorite. Outside of academics and her pursuit of a career, Candace can’t get enough of drinking coffee, reading books, traveling the world and learning more about her Christianity all of which influence what she designs and how she designs it. She holds fast to her belief that one should never be denied a great cup of coffee, the gift of reading, a chance to explore new worlds or the love of Christ. This belief motivates Candace to go beyond her quiet shell and search for adventure and new experiences on the trails and in other countries. Back in May, she had the opportunity to travel abroad for the first time to London and Paris with the Gaylord College British Media Study. While there, she saw design and public relations from an international perspective. In addition to drinking coffee and reading, Candace enjoys hiking, skiing, kayaking or really anything where she can be out in nature. Though she’s not sure what exactly she wants to do following graduation, she has dreams of doing something big and challenging that involves coffee, books, travel, Jesus and of course…design.