“I only watch for the commercials”

The common theme of the Super Bowl, the commercials.

My winner of this contest? Amazon and their Alexa commercial. This commercial was all things funny. When you replace the standard voice of Alexa with Rebel Wilson, Cardi B, and Anthony Hopkins THEN allow them to give their honest answers to the ridiculous questions Alexa receives, it is destine to be a game winner.


Sunday, February 18

Today is Sunday of Week 5. If you have not finished the end-of-week assignments, today is the day to do that, and maybe you will want to do some extra credit also! You can find all the assignments for this week and next week at the Class Calendar.

Class Procedures and Reminders

Success Tip: Check your progress. Now that one-third of the semester is over (no kidding!), it's a good time to check your progress at the Progress Chart to make sure you are on track for the grade you want in this class.

Project Stack. I'll be updating the stack today so that you can check the stack to make sure I received your email. The sooner you get that turned in today, the sooner you will get comments back from me next week (if you wait until Sunday evening, it might take me until Thursday or Friday to get comments back to you).

The following items are for fun and exploration:

Blog Stream. Here's a blog post from Akriti about her participation in Soonerthon: Twelve-Hour Dance Marathon for Soonerthon. This is a great event at OU, and if you want to support Akriti, here's her link. If anybody else has a blog post about a campus event you are involved in, let me know!

Myth Item. I know there are a lot of science majors in this class, so here is a cartoon by Tom Gauld: Mythical Scientific Creatures.

India Video: As we finish up with the Ramayana, I wanted to share one more Rama video: Seven Secrets of Vishnu: Rama (you will find Part 2 at that link).

Myth Book Online: Today's free book is The White Elephant and Other Tales from India by Georgene Faulkner,. See the Freebookapalooza blog for links and the table of contents. The illustrations by Frederick Richardson are especially gorgeous:

Proverb of the Day: Today's proverb is from the ancient Indian story collection known as the Hitopadesha: Beware the tiger who offers you a golden bracelet. Find out more at the Proverb Laboratory.

Writing: If you ever wondered why commas are so complicated, it's because we use commas for so many different purposes, as you can see here: The 15 Punctuation Marks.

H.E.A.R.T.: As a lifelong weirdo, I really like this graphic! Make your weird light shine bright.

Growth Mindset: Today's growth mindset cat is ready to make that big effort: Effort ignites ability and turns it into accomplishment. You can find out more at the Growth Mindset blog.

Video: Here's anoter empathy video, which features a beautiful revelation at the end: The Present.

Event on Campus: There's a matinee showing of Nice Work If You Can Get It in the Elsie C. Brackett Theatre at 3PM today (details). Find out more about this and other events at the Campus Calendar online.

February 18: Nikos Kazantzakis. Today marks the birthday of the Greek poet and novelist, Nikos Kazantzakis, who was born in 1883. You may know him as the author of the book The Last Temptation of Christ — but his special significance for those of you in the Myth-Folklore class is that he wrote a continuation of the Odyssey, a modern epic poem picking up where Homer left off: The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel. You can read more about his life and career in this Wikipedia article. Here is a photograph of the inscription on Kazantzakis's tomb: Δεν ελπίζω τίποτα, δε φοβούμαι τίποτα, είμαι λέφτερος (I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.).

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#Women in Sports

At a young age I chose to follow my passion for sports. I wanted to be the next Erin Andrews, the next Samantha Ponder. I wanted to wake up everyday and race to work on excitement.

However, the older I got the more discouraged I became seeing how few people were able to stand on the college Gameday stage.

Although my interests have changed, I still know my purpose lies in sports.

Recently I was able to listen to Jerod Ward, former NBA professional and current analyst, speak in front of a room of journalism students. Ward spoke on careers in sports and the drive and passion it takes to stand out in the field.

I’d like to say I had my epiphany moment listening to Ward speak. Although his words hit like a train, they were the exact train collision I needed.

Ward addressed adversity and choosing the positive because of the endless opportunities that lie within. He also stated how those opportunities are slim. You will never relive an exact moment twice, this being said, seize every situation. “Shake hands with a business card”- Ward.

Mostly importantly Ward spoke on the three c’s to success.

C- Closure, closing the open doors that cause you to hesitate in decision making. If you linger on those missed opportunities, jobs you didn’t get and bad days- you will be too fogged to job into the next page.

C- ReCommit, find your new passion. Redirect your path and commit to something new.

C- Confidence, something I lack. Confidence is easy to talk about but hard to grasp. However, once you have confidence in yourself, it will be contagious to your employees.

Jerod Ward was exactly what I needed in this lull. After listening to this powerful message, there is no doubt that even if the chances of working in sports are as slim as a Victoria Secret model, I am ready to squeeze.


Ok but when are we NOT in the mood for SWEETS?!?! AS IF if the Caf wasn’t great enough having ALL YOU CAN EAT CHICK-FIL-A . The Caf Also has SOONER SWEETS!! Sooner Sweets is filled with Daily Fresh Cakes, Pies, Ice Cream, Brownies, Cookies, YOU NAME IT! Yes it is Unlimited!! Just have to order One Plate at a time! Also, as if the Sooner Sweets wasn’t SWEET enough one can request a Birthday Candle and they’ll light it and put it on the requested cake slice!! ALL YOU CAN EAT DESERT!! LIVE THE SWEET LIFE GO TO SOONER SWEETS!


OK I Know! Fat Tuesday is Over but that doesn’t mean this Burger is! At Headignton Residential College Cafeteria their Grilling Section is ALWAYS Coming up with Daily BOMB Sandwich/Burger Creations! This delicious Burger with cheese, BBQ Sauce, and BBQ POTATO CHIPS is One Great Creation! Check Out their Daily Creations or Order this One WHENEVER! Mix it up, Create your own, Try new Things, EAT GOOD!


Do You miss Homemade Sandwiches? Do You need a Quick Bite?  I BET BOTH SUITS YOU! At Ruthie’s in the Cate Restaurants you can find many Sandwiches, Burgers, and Gyros. My Absolute FAV Go-To is Ruthie’s BLT! Their yummy slightly Buttered Toast, Crispy Bacon Strips, Fresh Lettuce and Tomatoes make a Great Sandwich. I ALWAYS like to add a Fried Egg to My Ruthie’s BLT. Make it a Combo and get French-Fries with a Soft Drink! Cate’s Restaurants Fountain Drink selection includes VANILLA COKE. Stop In or TAPINGO Ruthie’s for a Fast, Great Lunch!

Creating a Communications Strategy

I will use language that implies authenticity, freshness and realness. I want to keep the visual language light, fun and clear. I also want the language to establish a tropical feel. I don’t plan on using many words, but I want my message to be clearly and easily conveyed.

The visuals will be image-driven because I want to keep the visual light. I think a type driven image would take away from what I am trying to achieve for this project. The type needs to clearly show what we are marketing wit this particular brand. The images and type need to convey a tropical, refreshing and rejuvenating feeling. I want people to see it and be reminded of a vacation. Kind of like a vacation in a bottle.

Specifically, I think images that include palm trees, leaves, beaches and the sun will all be helpful in creating the visual.

Saturday, February 17

Today is Saturday of Week 5. I hope you are enjoying the weekend! You can celebrate the fact that you have completed ... (drum roll) ... one-third of the semester. Whoo-hoo!

Class Procedures and Reminders

Success Tip: Pay attention to titles. Now that you are publishing stories and creating a project for this class, think about your titles: are they doing a good job? Plus, you can pay attention to the titles of other people's stories, and to the titles of books and movies, looking at all those titles with a new critical perspective and learning just what makes a good title.

Project Stack. I finished all the Week 4 projects in the stack on Friday, along with most of the Week 5 projects. To get comments back sooner next week rather than later, turn in your assignment today if you can; don't wait until Sunday. And while you are waiting on comments, you can check the stack to make sure I received your email.

The following items are for fun and exploration:

Blog Stream. Oliver has created an interactive story this week using software called Twine; check it out, and see if your head explodes (based on the path I took, my head exploded!): Riddle Me This. Click on the link in the blog post, and see where your chosen path takes you:

Words from India. Here is a lovely word in English that comes from India: BANGLE.

Video: Everyone in Indian Epics knows the story of Rama by now, and some of you in Myth-Folklore may be reading about the Ramayana right now also, so here's the Crash Course video: Rama and the Ramayana.

India Comic Book: Today's comic book is about a hero from the Mahabharata named Arjuna... and it also features the monkey-god Hanuman from the Ramayana: Tales of Arjuna: The Exploits of an Exceptional Warrior. See the Amar Chitra Katha blog for the Bizzell Reserve call number and more information. That's Hanuman on the cover:

Proverb of the Day: This is one of my favorite ecological proverbs: Waste not, want not. Find out more at the Proverb Laboratory.

Writing: You can never have too much punctuation humor: All the Commas.

H.E.A.R.T.: And here's a calming graphic for the weekend: Three Seconds.

Growth Mindset: Today's growth mindset cat is getting in some practice this weekend: To write well, you must practice! You can find out more at the Growth Mindset blog.

Video: And here's a great video from TEDxOU about empathy and sharing your own stories (Jake in this video was a student in Myth-Folklore then!): Empathetic Storytelling.

Event on Campus: It's CollegeCon today, including a cosplay contest, speed Dungeons & Dragons, showings of Justice League, plus more, 2PM-8PM in the Union (details). Find out more about this and other events at the Campus Calendar online.

February 17: Loreena McKennit. Today marks the birthday in 1957 of the Canadian musician Loreena McKennit. Happy birthday, Loreena! In the spirit of myth and folklore, Loreena has done wonderful work with traditional ballads and melodies from Celtic and Middle Eastern traditions and has created a distinctive wonderful style all her own. You can read about her work and career in this Wikipedia article, and you can listen to her marvelous rendition of the traditional ballad, The Highwayman, here at YouTube.com.

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Olympic Games

Queenan, Joe. (2018, February 16). Online Article. Retrieved from: https://www.wsj.com/articles/we-need-an-olympic-size-redo-of-the-games-1518716079

This is a tongue-in-cheek article about how to combat the drop in viewership numbers for the Olympic Games this year. The article suggests that maybe viewership numbers of the Olympics are suffering because of a lack of new sports. It further suggests combining the summer and winter games to create new events such as Slalom Volleyball, Tundra Ice Hockey, and Equestrian Snowboarding to increase interest.

This article pertains to our discussion this week because it is a lighthearted look at an issue that is currently plaguing television networks: how to increase viewership. Content analysis of this article suggests a positive overall sentiment. It is an interesting example of a negative issue being looked at in a positive and funny light.

For this article, I learned that sometimes offering up a ridiculous solution can be helpful, if only for a little brevity. Using the content of your argument to throw a positive spin on an issue is an art form.

Nutella Surprise

Today I turned in my first assignment for my copy and layout class! Our task was to create three print ads for a brand of our choosing, so I ended up picking Nutella. (Place your bets on if I was hungry or not this entire project.) The assignment had a few bumps along the way and ended up teaching me a few things.

First, I went to work on research. You can’t make a fake ad without knowing a little background info, right? Nutella is an established, worldwide company with a website to match. The graphics are appealing, interactive and interesting to read, all while showcasing their unique brand identity. They also have some really cool interactive pages that you can play around with. One showcases different countries around the globe that you can click on and read all about what kind of recipes you could find using Nutella in that country!! I found myself clicking around, making notes, and captivated by this little Nutella world. Also, if that wasn’t enough, they have a way to make your experience feel even more personalized with a program on their website that shines a little light on wherever in the world someone tweets Nutella! Who knew research could be so much fun!

Once I eventually got over the awe that was the Nutella website, I officially began my brainstorm. Personally, I like to begin a list of the vibe I am feeling from the company and that I want portrayed in my ads. Every word that comes to mind makes it onto the paper. Then, once I have the ball rolling on that the ideas flow much easier. I let them get as crazy and off hand as they come. Then after I find a few I enjoy I make sure they tie back to the original vibe I had planned out.  Sometimes, like in this project, it takes a few ideas you think you’re going with before you actually find the one that sticks.