Define Global Engagement

What is global engagement? Why does it matter?


A simple phrase composed of popular buzzwords has a special impact on its target audience – whether positive or negative – and “global engagement” is no exception. However, despite how often this phrase is used in slogans and university recruitment messages, morning talk-shows, etc.; it is fairly common for the meaning of the phrase to be overlooked in favor of a sense of omniscience.

The educated enjoy feeling informed, and they should. Being an informed citizen of the world is a tremendously important thing. Truly, it would be almost impossible to live successfully in the very global world we have created for ourselves without such a skill. Nevertheless, what is generally regarded as being “informed” is not the same as being “globally engaged”.

Informed people are your hipster cousin Deborah who’s newest reinvention of herself involves only wearing “authentic” hand-embroidered saris or your brother’s new girlfriend who is “just so shocked” by the underage sex-trade in Russia, the fact that Klansmen still roam the streets of the American South, and every informed citizen’s favorite – starving children in Africa. (Obviously, these are all terrible issues in modern society and I am in no way belittling them. My point is that your brother’s “informed citizen” girlfriend doesn’t care about those children being sold to predators in Siberia or infants dying of hunger in Burundi or any of the other hundreds of human atrocities that flash across her phone screen.) Merriam-Webster’s definition of engagement is as follows: “to be involved or greatly interested in an event or cause. synonym: committed”.

You see, it isn’t enough to acknowledge that these issues exist. On the same note, reading the Wiki page about a culture and extending your wardrobe to include new garments will not make you a “citizen of the world”. There’s an amount of effort required to understand and appreciate or consider things from many different perspectives. It’s easy enough to sit in your living room in Norman, Oklahoma and watch a news story about how teen pregnancy is on the rise in Britain and an entirely different one to think, “How could they take steps to instigate change? Why are children as young as twelve getting pregnant? What could be the catalyst for this? What is the sexual education like there? Do they have access to contraceptives?” It is important to understand the many facets of a situation or culture, not just the surface that is presented to us all.

In short, being “globally engaged” means looking at the world around you and actually giving a damn.

Communication Strategy


  • What kind of visual language will you use?

For symbols on my business card I will use the symbols and colors for Pi Phi which are wine and silver blue, and the symbol is an arrow, and sometimes halos, angels, or angel wings.

  • Will the visuals be type or image driven?

The visuals will be image driven, but will include the name “Pi Phi”.

  • What do the type and images need to mean?

The type will need to include Pi Phi’s phone number and address. The business card will also have Pi Phi’s mission statement on the back which is, “The mission of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women is to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich lives through community service.”

  • What connotations do they need to have?

The business card needs to give the feel of Pi Phi’s core values which are Integrity, Lifelong Commitment, Honor and Respect, Personal and Intellectual Growth, Philanthropic Service to Others, Sincere Friendship. I will do this by using Pi Phi’s colors and symbols how I explained earlier.


Reflection Post for 2.2

This lesson was a lot of great information. There was review topics as well as lots of new valuable information! We talked about accuracy, brevity, clarity, elements of mass appeal and the inverted pyramid

What were you asked to do?

We were asked to watch a few videos over clear and brief writing, so we can improve our sentence structure and writing ability. We also took quizzes after each video.

What can you pick up on now that you couldn’t before?

I learned more about the inverted pyramid and what exactly should be in each part of the paragraph.

What else would you like to know about this skill set?

I know that writing a press release is a  very important and a crucial part of PR, so I’d like to work on that skill and learn how to write a good press release.

How does this particular skill set jive with your expectations of the responsibilities held by a public relations professional?

Writing with brevity and clarity in a press release or really any writing piece for PR is expected from your employer and your brands you work with. It will be important to master these skills in school and in internships, so when the time comes that you’re a PR Professional, you will be well prepared.

How do you see this particular skill set helping you in your career?

This will help with my career because it would show people I am reliable and I have the skills to write like a PR professional. Hopefully, that would eventually lead to promotions and great opportunities within the PR field.

Attacking Assignments

In section 1.3, I was asked to do a couple different things. First was to watch lecture videos on a website, to learn how to use Indesign and Photoshop, next was to find a newspaper and label the different parts of it, then I was assigned a task where I was  given a newsletter, and supposed to recreate an identical copy of it using Indesign, this was the hardest part for me. Finally, we were told to write a blog, which I am doing right now about section 1.3.

The Typesetting assignment was really difficult for me because I have never used Indesign before, and getting familiar with everything took a lot of time. When I first read the instructions for this section, (mostly the Typesetting assignment) I felt so overwhelmed. I think my reaction to this assignment was so overwhelming because this is an online class and its harder to get questions answered and contact your professor or other students because of the communication barrier. However, I was able to get help from another student and successfully finish my work.

Newspaper Markup Assignment

Typesetting Assignment

Global Engagement and Why it Matters

What is Global Engagement? Why does it matter? For me, global engagement entails many things, such as being aware of what is going around the world, seeking out knowledge of various cultures/religions, and acting to make the world better for those around you. Global engagement matters because it is what keeps the world interconnected and to put it frankly: safe. Without individuals staying globally engaged, the world would be a lot scarier and unsafe for everyone because there would less forces checking those in power and those who abuse their influence. I believe it to be our responsibility, as individual agents, to be aware and stay involved in global events/issues. Just recently, I watched a documentary called, “The White Helmets.” This short film shined a light on the ongoing siege and destruction that is affecting the people of Aleppo, Syria. It amazed me how such a small group of filmmakers, who were globally engaged, risked their lives to expose the truth and make the world aware of the atrocities that were taking place to families and small children in Syria. After it was released, the film inspired me and countless others to help the people affected by injustice. The impact that one individual can have on the global stage still manages to amaze me. We live in an interconnected world, where news can travel across the globe in a matter of seconds. It is vital that the next generation of young adults make an active choice to be engaged on the global stage and put forth the effort to make the world a better place for all!


A distribution contract between Methuen Publishing and Mo Yan about You will do anything for a laugh

Dublin Core


A distribution contract between Methuen Publishing and Mo Yan about You will do anything for a laugh


selling rights and territories


The selling of You will do anything for a laugh translated by Howard Goldblatt in the United Kingdom and commonwealth excluding Canada.


Two-page contract. The first and last page, the rest is on computer.



A translation contract of Garlic Ballads between Mo Yan represented by Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency and Samenwerkende Uitgeverijen Prometheus in Netherlands

Dublin Core


A translation contract of Garlic Ballads between Mo Yan represented by Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency and Samenwerkende Uitgeverijen Prometheus in Netherlands


The Dutch translation of Garlic Ballads.
The contract stipulated the translation royalties and details.


two-pages contract with a duplication


Two copies, one for Howard Goldblatt and the other for Mo Yan to sign



Date Created

8th, March 1995

Faculty Mentoring

faculty mentors

Faculty members are at the heart of a great research university. OU is committed to recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty and helping each one of our great faculty members achieve their professional dreams.
– Kyle Harper, Senior Vice President & Provost

The Center for Teaching Excellence at The University of Oklahoma offers many faculty development resources. Faculty recruitment and retention are paramount, and at The University of Oklahoma, great emphasis also targets full-scale growth and development of faculty at any stage of their career.

The Office of Digital Learning teamed up with the Center for Teaching Excellence, helping produce a faculty mentoring videos series. This video series works to effectively engage faculty, moving them to achieve their professional dreams.

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