Holiday Special

This week in class we celebrated Halloween! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it back to campus in time for class, but from what I have heard we had a unique and fun class! I was told that we had the opportunity to create skits based on our costumes and creativity. Many of my classmates mentioned that the videos were short ten second videos which required them to really challenge their creative abilities. I’m incredibly upset that I missed out!

When it comes to holidays for me though, I prefer Christmas. I simply always have. I just find that I really enjoy the entire sentiment that surrounds the winter holidays. I think that it’s the time of year when everyone finds the humanity within them and spreads this literal warmth of love to everyone around them. I have had some of the most unique and memorable encounters during Christmas. Everyone just seems to be in a wonderful and giving mood which is always a delight.

When it comes to my family we aren’t really much into giving each other gifts, but instead when it comes around to the holidays we end up focusing much more on family and spending time together. We travel to visit my aunts in Tyler, Texas sometimes and often spend our days off watching holiday movies together! Elf is my favorite holiday movie! You can find more information on it here!

No matter what your favorite holiday is I do hope that you enjoy celebrating it and spend an ample amount of time with your family. Always remember that no matter what the future holds your family should be of significant importance! I am definitely counting down the days until Christmas, but until then I hope that you have a Happy Halloween!!


What is means to be a Native American in a global community

Recently, I had the honor of attending the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) 50th National Conference in Denver, Colorado. This was my second conference to attend, and both have been meaningful experiences. Growing up Native American and a woman, there have been many challenges on the path to my education. I have been told that I will not succeed in my chosen degree, simply because I am Native American. I have been pushed around and spoken over as a woman. However, all of that changed at the AISES conference. When you are there, you are not objectified by gender or race, you are simply a person looking for support in a STEM field.

While all of this was amazing, there was something else that inspired me in a global way. At this conference, indigenous people from the Canadian Indigenous Advisory Council (CIAC) were present. In addition to Canadian representation, the entertainment for the closing gala was the Northern Cree, a singing group that is comprised of indigenous people from Canada. While I have grown up in a family with strong ties to my heritage, it is easy for me to forget that I have relatives to the north who have a shared connection to our past. In a sense of the global community, knowing that there is a world that can be connected from something so simple as a distant culture inspired me. I walked away from the conference, determined to pursue a career that will allow me to be more in contact with my global community. I feel that while I have had the opportunity to experience so much at OU, I still am missing out on the world and making connections with people. People that I may only share the connection of being a part of the same world with, but people that I can learn from and use the knowledge that I gain with them to help educate my world and make it a better place.

I am so thankful for the time that I have had so far, and will continue to have, at OU. It is amazing to be a part of a university that cares so much about the entire globe and it’s citizens.


In my family, health and exercise has always been extremely important. It is a daily priority to go to the gym and stay in shape, although I am no longer in sports. I notice a significant difference in how I feel when I go a few days without going. I feel slow, groggy, and not awake. My stomach begins to ache as does my head. Exercise and a healthy diet can drastically affect not only how I feel, but my appearance as well. When I don’t eat healthy for a day or two, my skin becomes less bright and sometimes breaks out, and I appear as if I haven’t slept in days. But when I do exercise and eat appropriately, I feel as energized and radiant as ever. The effects of healthy eating and exercise are nothing but positive and beneficial. If you are wondering why you don’t feel well a lot, are always tired, and experience problems with your skin, I recommend giving these things a try. Exercise and healthy eating is an essential part of life and should be included in every capable humans’ priority list.


Shopping is one of my favorite things to do. Not just for clothes or shoes, I love all aspects of the sport ( 🙂 ). Furniture, clothes, appliances, virtually anything except for groceries I love doing. I don’t know what it is about grocery shopping that shakes me to my core, but I absolutely hate doing it. I actively believe and participate in retail therapy. When I work hard at something and get a good result back, to the mall it is for me. This is the best way to reward myself, getting a new, cute outfit I can wear out on the town. I am interested in fashion and enjoy keeping up with recent trends and styles, following multiple Instagram accounts to keep myself up to date. Shopping in Norman, I must admit, pales in comparison to Dallas. Clearly Dallas is a must larger area, but the stores they offer are just so much better than Norman. I have learned to adjust, but that is one of the things I miss most about home. It won’t matter how old I am, I will always love shopping. Shopping in a wheelchair will hinder me in no way!

Day of The Dead Festival

For the past three years I have volunteered at the Day Of The Dead Festival and each time is better than the last. This year there were thousands of people in attendance with many different activities for children to have fun and celebrate the day of the dead. As a volunteer I was assigned the position of “Floater”, which basically meant that I was walking around and helping with whatever needed my assistance. I finished my first shift and hung out with my family at the festival for a while until I had to continue to volunteer. My little brother really enjoyed the event and the rides that he got on. The highlight of the night had to be the amazing firework show that concluded the festival.


I cannot tell you how many times I have flown in an airplane. My family was never one for road trips, so when we would travel we would always fly. I have always enjoyed flying and have never been afraid, probably because I have experienced what it is like so many times. I can understand the fear of flying some people go through though, the thought of being 30,000 feet in the air in a ginormous machine is frightening to any logical person. But again, science continues to amaze me. When flying, you aren’t guaranteed a seat by your family members or traveling companion. So sometimes you are stuck by a stranger. Sometimes they annoyingly lean over and watch the movie playing on your computer screen, and other times they engage in a nice conversation with you. Two years ago on a flight to Orlando with my cheerleading team to nationals, my friend and I were playing and talking with a sweet three year old girl, her newborn brother, and father. As we continued to learn more about one another, we discovered that we only lived twenty minutes apart in the DFW area. Because of this conversation on an airplane, my friend and I were hired as babysitters to the two young children and babysat them together throughout the remainder of high school. It was interesting to see how simply being kind and friendly to the person next to you could get you somewhere you never expected to be. This taught me to never underestimate the power of a simple “hello”.


The Great Reading Room is heaven and hell wrapped up into one. Sitting here in one of its many chairs at this very moment, I look at every intricate detail of this room. The arches on the ceiling, the light fixtures, the etching on the windows, every aspect of this room is unique. The uniqueness the room provides makes me consider the uniqueness of those that occupy the space. The students of the University of Oklahoma. These people were most likely once captivated on their campus tour of this famous room, and are taken aback by it’s beauty. Part of the beauty is the learning that takes place in between it’s walls. The late hours, the cramming for tests, and everything in between, the Great Reading Room is where it all happens. It is a place that stirs success, perseverance, and reminds students of where they are headed. They are in this very room, sitting in their seat for a purpose. They were placed at this university to succeed, taking what they potentially learn in this specific room and applying it to their future career. This room represents so many things, but my favorite is the diversity and uniqueness of it’s inhabitants.


Music, to me, is something I have always loved and enjoyed listening to. I love going to concerts and seeing artists I love perform their music. I have always listened to genres across the board and admire artists from all ends of the spectrum. Lady GaGa, John Mayer, Local Natives, Amy Winehouse, Drake, Jhene Aiko (to name a few), are some of my favorite artists and are clearly all extraordinarily different. It is always interesting to see what certain songs or albums remind me of. Most often, they remind me of a period of time in my life. Typically when I was listening to the song or album most is what it reminds me of, but occasionally it reminds me of a good memory or feeling. The effect music has on me is something that couldn’t be replaced by anything else. Music can stir just about every emotion or feeling there is through the lyrics and melody it possesses. It can help me get excited about anything, and enhances any experience. Music is a gift, and those who perform it are treasures.


Obviously, college is much different than life at home. Life at home is comfortable, easy, and routine. You are taken care of by your parents, and are monitored by them constantly. In college, you are entirely on your own. No one is there to do your laundry or make you dinner, that’s all on you. You make all your own choices, whether they be good or bad. In some ways, I prefer college. But in others, I MUCH prefer home. I enjoy the freedom of college and the challenge presents me. Being in a new place is never easy, but I know the years to come will be the most memorable I will experience in my life. However, being at home is one of my favorite things. Knowing what I am about to eat is going to be delicious, having a room and clean bathroom to myself, and being surrounded by those I love. I definitely took this for granted in high school and am always reminding my younger brother to enjoy it while it lasts! His delicious meals are numbered (haha). I am greatly looking forward to the next three and a half years of my life, but I must admit that I am more looking forward to the years beyond. Growing my own family, establishing myself within my career, and finding a place to live that I love is what I am most looking forward to at this point. The times at home were taken for granted, and by my acknowledging this, I will not allow myself to do the same with the time I am experiencing now.