Reflection – Final

  1. I now know how to write for publics in so many different ways that I previously had no idea about.
  2. The early days were a little confusing in how to do work and manage time and assignments.
  3. I feel like around week 2.5 I had a rhythm going and was able to fluidly do my work and learn what I needed to.
  4. I was specifically proud of the Op-Ed. I had never written anything like it and it felt good to write about what I wanted to and at the same time learn about PR writing.
  5. I wish I had given myself more time to do the caption assignment. I could have definitely started that much earlier.
  6. I have taken my abilities as a writer to new depths and am able to hone my skills in for whatever comes my way.

Summary of Learning

This class has been great. I’m able to pick up new skills, some I knew were necessary for a PR practitioner and others I discovered.

Having a blog is important becuase it has provided me with the ability to practice my writing skills. Don’t they say practice makes perfect?

The news release assignment was probably the most significant becuase it seems like this is the most often used skill among all practitioners. I’ve utilized it a series of time throughout my internship. Along with this, I found that the media pitch is important too. Often times, you want your client to have a high level of credibility, this means working with the media and navigating ways that your client can stand out as an expert or leader of their industry.

Writing the position paper, Op-ed and Letter to the editor were also great practices. These are not formats that are used everyday by practitioners, but the focus of the skill was persuasive writing, In all that we do, it’s lead with honesty and persuasion. This was an important and fun skill to practice.

And finally, caption writing was important. Within this assignment, we practiced clarity and brevity. It is essential to get across an idea effectively and timely.

Overall I enjoyed this course and my ability to practice and apply my writing through the various assignments. I grew by understanding the flexibilty in my writing skills and how to deliver a message clearly and properly.


Final Reflection

This is the last reflection I will write for my PR Writing class. The tone is more contemplative, since I will be looking back on my entire body of work. I like to think that my writing improved as the course wore on.


In PR Writing, I was given assignments that I had no idea how to do. I learned how to write news releases, position papers, op-eds, letters to the editor and cutlines. Though I have written a few of these things, I hadn’t practiced them at length, so formatting and other subtleties were lost on me. I think I ultimately learned a lot more about these skill sets, even if my writing still isn’t perfect.


When I first began the course, I was a bit too cocky. I thought I knew more about media writing than I actually did. I struggled with the first news release, which surprised me. I just wasn’t accustomed to actual PR writing after writing advertising copy and APA-style case studies for so long.


I don’t really think I “turned a corner”. Though my writing improved, it did not improve so astronomically that I felt changed. Also, I’m still confused about the mechanics of some of these skill sets, despite practicing.


That being said, I did take pride in my position paper. I put a lot of time and effort into it. Though I did make some mistakes, I think I created a well-worded, well-argued piece. It should also be noted that my position paper earned a higher grade than my other written pieces, so it was probably the standout of my work this month.


However, I feel I could have done better on my photo/caption assignment. I was confused about the instructions, and I never asked my professor for further direction. I think I should have formatted the piece differently. I also think the photography was lackluster; I could have done better.


I do believe that I grew from this course. Even if I did not “turn a corner”, I had the privilege of practicing different types of writing. I also learned how these skill sets, which I would ordinarily associate with journalism, could be used in PR. All in all, this course was good practice, and I think I am more well-versed in PR writing than I was before.

Goodbye Scotland

Scotland was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Today was my last day and I am currently in an airport after many hours of traveling (and many hours still ahead to go).

Today I am reflecting on my journey that was Scotland.

What did I learn?

The most valuable lesson: you make human connections wherever you go. The connections you make are much more important than the places you go.

One of my favorite places I went to in Scotland was the Highlands. We had an amazing bus tour (thanks to our driver Stuart!) The scenery was beautiful and I gained respect for the Scottish culture. I learned that Scots are prideful. Strong, proud, kind and brave. That’s how I would describe the history and culture of Scotland.

After the first two weeks of being in Scotland my body finally got used to all the walking. I got to know the city of Edinburgh very well in that short month. And I had just finally got down the currency right when it was time to leave.

My favorite days in Scotland where when it was pouring rain. One day it poured all day long. Never stopping and never letting up.

Scotland was remarkable and I plan to go back someday to finish my journey that ended too soon. (ONE MONTH IS NOT ENOUGH)

I also went to London which taught me that I’m pretty good with a map and can get to places all by myself. I love their Underground transport system.

There’s so much that happened that I can’t put it all in one post.

However I’ll never forget this trip to Scotland. Studying abroad exposes you to different lifestyles and gives you the chance to see the world from an entirely new perspective.

Shead Geologic Map

To continue from the end of the previous post, this will just highlight the largest painting completed by Ralph B. Shead. This Oklahoma Geologic Map is dated 1938, making it another in the line of WPA paintings. Age and renovation have taken a toll on something that was never meant to last this long. It … Continue reading Shead Geologic Map

A Look Towards the Skip Johnson Era of Oklahoma Baseball

College Baseball’s 2017 Season has come to a close with the Florida Gators coming out on top after beating the LSU Tigers in this years finals. These two programs have already put themselves at the top of of the College Baseball world for next season, but what about other schools, namely Oklahoma.

The Sooners cut ties with former Head Coach Pete Hughes after his fourth year in Norman. In that time Oklahoma only made the post season once and went 5-8 against Texas and 5-14 against Oklahoma State. After getting beat out of this years tournament via back to back 10 run losses it was clear it was time to move in another direction.

The man who will step up to the plate for Oklahoma next season and fill the Head Coaching roll will be, Skip Johnson. Skip is a great hire for the Sooners for multiple reasons and Sooner fans should be looking forward to the Skip regime.

The first thing that makes Skip a good hire (other than his name is Skip) is the fact that he has ties to recruiting in Texas, which is vital to the OU program. Pete Hughes never had ties to Texas recruiting wise because he spent his entire career in the Northeastern part of the country. Secondly Skip has a great track record of preparing pitchers for the next level, for example Johnson helped Clayton Kershaw work out some mechanical issues in his throwing motion which has helped him to become one of if not the most dominating pitchers in all of baseball.

Oklahoma fans should be very excited for the future not only because of the new coach, but the tools he has on his staff including Jake Irvin, Nathan Wiles, and Braidyn Fink. Johnson will also be able to recruit well, which he has already proven by gaining a couple commitments since taking over. Skip will be able to recruit Oklahoma even better if he is able to get Reggie Willits to come back and be assistant on the staff as well. Willits is a former Sooner and MLB outfielder, he coached High School baseball in Oklahoma for a season before heading to New York to be the Yankees special hitting coach. Willits would help to regain a foothold in recruiting from Josh Holliday and the Cowboys in Stillwater.

Hopefully Skip will be able to return the Oklahoma Baseball program to the prominence that is expected in Norman.

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EIPT 5631 Journal Blog Week 2

I have not used Open Educational Resource materials as of yet, being a first year teacher. However, I plan on utilizing them in my classroom for the upcoming school year. I think that Open Edu is a great idea and also provides great resources for teachers to collaborate and share materials. When I completed my student teaching internship I was working with 11th grade students. The position that I accepted is for the 5th grade level, so I am having to look for resources from colleagues and on my own, so OER materials is going to be a definite option for me. One thing that I am going to keep in mind, which was mentioned by Wiley in the Open Edu article, is that its okay to use materials from other teachers, versus trying to recreate the wheel or spending hours and hours trying to come up with a lesson just to be making something that I can call my own. I believe I will be depending on and searching for OERs more than I think, due to being a student and teacher and not having as much time as I would like to create lessons for my class everyday.

EIPT 5631 Week 2

I selected the template because I like the color purple, it is my favorite color. The template stood out more to me than the others. Also, the template with the background color had an appealing feeling and a peaceful vibe to it. I changed my header to a picture I took during a home OU football game. Being an OU student, I am also a huge OU football fan and like to show my support.

This is my first blogging experience, other than what we did in the face-to-face weekend, but I am enjoying it so far. In the beginning I wasn’t sure how to feel about the open concept, however I am adjusting fine. One of my frustrations include getting to the website to edit my blog post. I tried bookmarking it on my computer, but that didn’t work. And then I forgot my password that I set up, but eventually found that. I am still learning how to navigate the website, but it is getting more familiar each week. My victories would be growing more comfortable with sharing my thoughts. I also am looking into other first year teachers blogs to get advice and insight on how they handled their first year of teaching. But overall the blogging experience is becoming more interesting and I enjoy reading my cohorts blogs as well.

Blog Post: Reflection Post for Unit 4.2

We were asked to complete an assignment on photos and captions. It’s good to know how to write proper captions for photos.I find this useful in a lot of applied ways as a PR practitioner. Anytime we may work with the media, it’s important that we represent the organization well visually and with our writing. I know this skill will be useful in the practice.

32nd & Broadway

Jakeys mOVIE


As I’ve mentioned many times in my blog posts, I am obsessed with movies. This was without a doubt my most favorite exercise that we’ve done. As you can see I’ve inserted myself into the lead role. Also as I’m sure you’ve come to figure out, I’m decently creative… but nothing I create has any actual meaning. Other than the fact that I love New York City and my birthday is in December. I originally entitled this “The Chase” also for no reason, but imagine the picture up there with those two people on that street with that smoke and a somewhat scary font reading “The Chase” it becomes a movie about kidnapping pretty quickly. Anyway, this was very fun. I think it turned out kind of cool.