Famous Last Words: Another Crazy Week

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First of all, I have had one crazy week in this class and two others last week. I ask myself how everything can just pick up so quickly after spring break, then I realize that this is college, and that’s how it always is. It’s not that I’ve been procrastinating this week at all, as I actually got more done than I thought was possible as the week went on.

In this class, I didn’t complete all of the assignments. I completed the first reading notes assignments, the project, blog comments, and project feedback. I was able to finish the week strong, but the beginning of the week was way too hectic to find time for the second reading notes and the storytelling. The storytelling is usually one of my favorite parts, so I was upset that I had to skip it this week. Since I had to skip some assignments this week, and I haven’t been keeping up with all of the project feedback in previous weeks, I have some catching up to do to finish before dead week. After I complete this assignment, I plan to complete the extra blog comments as well. I enjoy reading other skilled writer’s work in this class, and I think that it does contribute to my overall writing skills as well.

Overall, next week is also going to be extremely hard. I work every single day, and that’s something that I’m not used to. Because of that, I’m trying to plan ahead. I hope to find time to get ahead this weekend, so that I can allow myself to “chill out.” As long as I can find time to complete both reading notes this weekend, I should have time to write the story next week, and next weekend I’ll be able to catch up on the Sunday night deadlines for this class.

Part of having a growth mindset is to not let the negative parts of life get you down. So I’m determined that I can and will complete all of the work in this class to get the grade that I want, and deserve. I really enjoy this class, and I’ve learned a lot about time management along with mythfolklore. I’m excited for the rest of the semester still, and I’m also excited about the work that I’ve done thus far in this class. These are projects that I’ll be able to access forever since they’re online, so that’s cool as well.

Here’s to a new week and still trying to get ahead!

Image one: The Long Road Ahead by jonrawlinson on Flickr.

La Nutrición y Las Generaciones

La nutrición es un aspecto fundamental de la vida de todos. La alimentación se une las personas de culturas diferentes y permite la habilidad de compartir, hablar, y relatar. Las generaciones diferentes tienen muchas perspectivas diferentes sobre la nutrición por una variedad de razones: la ciencia, el clima social, y los estilos de crianza. Entre las generaciones de mis padres y yo, hay una diferencia grande en relación al tamaño a las porciones y la filosofía de nutrición en general.
Al fin de la guerra mundial II, el gobierno creé una campaña para conectar el sobrante de la comida en un plato con la inanición en los continentes como África. Por eso, la generación de mis abuelos tiene un estilo de crianza a mis padres que ensena que el sobrante de la comida es muy mal – ahora, mis padres tienen la idea que los platos necesitan estar limpias. Es interesante que la generación de mis padres tenga una tasa de obesidad más que antes en la historia – por clarificación, uno en tres de los adultos en los EEUU es obeso. La presión desde el gobierno para comer más fue más alta en la generación de mis padres que la generación de yo; en el siglo XIX, las porciones fueron más pequeñas, y la generación de mis padres podrían comer el total de la porción, pero las porciones han aumentado durante los años y ahora ellos continúan comer toda la porción, aunque es doble la comida.
Aunque mi generación fue cultivada de la generación de mis padres, las mismas ideas sobre las porciones no existen. Hay menos tasas de la obesidad, y generalmente la generación entiende que es bien para no comer toda la comida en un plato. Es muy difícil para navegar el panorama de la comida en nuestra sociedad, pero la aumentación de la información sobre la nutrición ha ayuda mi generación para hacer las elecciones más buenas. No hay las campañas del gobierno sobre la nutrición y la inanición, y la información es más concentrada en controlar las porciones y comer bien.
Hay un espacio entre la generación de mis padres y yo sobre las ideas en relación a la nutrición, específicamente los tamaños de las porciones. Creo que es interesante que el gobierno tenga una influencia muy grande en las actitudes de una cultura sobre la comida.

6 Reasons College Students Need Legal Shield

6 Reasons College Students Need Legal Shield

College is the test run for real life. This is the time to try new things, learn what you like or don’t, make mistakes but overall it’s a chance for you to learn from mistakes in a controlled environment. As students, we have a lot on our plates between balancing classwork and extracurriculars while maintaining a social life and attempting to not become an insomniac (at least not severely). We strive to believe we can do it all and be independent from our parents but we still end up needing to call mom or dad when we have questions about loans or the housing agreement your about to sign. Situations like these are common for all students and I think I speak for all of us when I saw it would be nice to have some resources of information when you go into these legal discussion. Legal shield provides information through blogs and professional guidance that can help you stand on your own two feet without feeling like your going to fall over overtime you hear a big legal sounding word. Here are just 6 of the many things that Legal Shield can help students with.


Roommate agreements

6 Reasons College Students Need Legal Shield

Congratulations Harry Potter, you’re out of that closet universities call a dorm room and now you have an apartment! Maybe you got lucky enough to even pick your roommate after that potluck disaster that was freshman year. Whether or not you know the person, when you start living with them you get to know a whole lot more about them, maybe even somethings you wish you didn’t know. Legal Shield provides tips on roommate agreements and how to deal with joined or split leases. This information can be extremely vital when SOMEONE decides to put too much soap in the dishwasher and your kitchen turns into toga foam 2017. Having agreements about splitting utilities, using each others things and just general roommate curtsey can save you a lot of time and heart ache later.


Hiring contract work

6 Reasons College Students Need Legal Shield

So you decided you wanted to live in one of those cute little houses near campus instead of the apartments miles away. You can walk to class and you have a full kitchen and living room! But the house is from the 1920’s and everything is always breaking. You likely don’t know how to fix everything in that run down shack you chose and will resort to hiring a contract worker to come in and fix the kiddy pool that has now taken over your soon to be flooded bathroom. Legal Shield offers tips on how to choose a contractor and things to do before signing an agreement with them. They even have services for members where you can send them the contract to look over or call and discuss the situation and what is being agreed upon.


Web-based business


6 Reasons College Students Need Legal Shield

I cannot emphasize how many of my girlfriend believe they are the Picasso of crafts. Numerous people are beginning to sell their hand crafted items on websites like Pinterest or Etsy. And while it is all fun and glitter at first, but sometimes these side projects can grow and become overwhelming extremely fast. Legal Shield has a program called Launch that can help you with everything from picking out a cute domain name to knowing how to handle the whole payment process. They also provide information about the local laws that affect your online business, which actually do exist despite the fact you may have thought cyberspace could just be a free for all.


Student Loans

6 Reasons College Students Need Legal Shield

Woooooo you are almost done with college! Think of the freedom, the opportunities the…crippling student loans. Oh you forgot about those little ball an chains didn’t you and now they have their best friend interest with them. Lucky for you Legal Shield can save your financial sanity with information about the different types of loans and interest rates attached to them. They also give tips on how to avoid defaulting on a loan and if you don’t understand the terms of a loan agreement (because not all of us are fabulous lawyers like Elle Woods) you can call and talk to your agent and they will walk through the agreement with you.


Reviewing Legal Documents

6 Reasons College Students Need Legal Shield

So you graduated and that little piece of paper you worked your tail off for over 4 years landed you a job (*giddy screams*). You love the company, the people and the work you do so of course your ready to get started and makes some money! But put the brakes on because first, you’re going to need to sign an employee agreement or some form of contract. Now is the time when all that excitement can really cloud your judgement and that is where Legal Shield’s legal document reviewing services will come in handy. You can send up to a 15 page contract to them and they will go over it with you to make sure you are getting the best arrangement possible (Disclaimer: does not guarantee you more room in the break room fridge).


Credit advice

6 Reasons College Students Need Legal Shield

So you have a job, an apartment and you’ve begun paying off those lovely student loans. Maybe now is the time you want to get your own car or make some huge life changing purpose because, well, now you can! You sit down and start researching and realize most big payments will require your credit score (duh) and you begin to realize you don’t know the first thing about credit cards except that mom and dad aren’t footing that bill anymore. Legal Shield has tips on how to avoid scams, how to repair credit and other basic fundamentals of how credit cards work. You can also contact your Legal Shield provider law firm to review policies or to ask questions. So go ahead and feel confident sliding that little piece of plastic (*dad voice* but only on occasion).


There are so many new factors that come into play as we get older and it’s better to know ahead of time what you’re getting into. So if you haven’t already, go check out legalshield.com and see what services and other tips they offer. Look at you being an adult doing research, mom and dad would be so proud.

6 Reasons College Students Need Legal Shield

Matt Keyzer and Conner Howard awarded UROP funds

Undergraduate Honors students in the lab, Matt Keyzer and Conner Howard were awarded UROP funding for their undergraduate Honors thesis projects last Fall and this Spring respectively. Congratulations to the both of them on their successful proposals. On to research now.


Those of you who know me know that I am not a girly girl. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the basic mani/pedi, shopping day, & fancy dinner, but I also enjoy doing things that most girls don’t do that often. One of them is going to the gun range & getting in a little bit of target practice. Guns are a fun to shoot & a good source of protection if you know how to use them. I have not grown up around guns but was quickly amazed by them the first time I got to shoot one. Especially with everything going on in the world now, I decided to inform myself more about guns & get my Concealed Carry Weapon Permit which allows me to carry a gun into public places. Taking the CCW class in order to get my permit, opened my eyes to how powerful guns can be. They can be good & bad, depending on the person using them. But as long as you are careful, practice, & knowledgable about guns you can use them as a tool. I recently received my permit & am going to buy a gun in order to protect myself in my home.

But other than getting your gun permit, the place I went to in OKC, Wilshire Gun has many other classes to offer ladies-such as self defense. You can check them out here. They have a really nice facility & yummy food. So the next rainy day, head up to the gun range & check it out!

She is Safe – Loose Change to Loosen Chains 2017

I’ve said it before, but it still stands true: I am so grateful to be part of a Christian community here on campus that puts love into action and works for social justice, both locally and abroad. Being in a community that not only prays for people (which is still super valuable), but also gets their hands dirty and invests in improving their life now– that’s invaluable. This semester, we once again had the opportunity to raise money during a week we call “Loose Change to Loosen Chains.” Throughout the week, we table in the Union and outside Dale Hall, collecting change for and spreading the word about an organization working to fight human trafficking. This week culminates with a speaker from the organization coming in place of our Thursday night large group Bible study and sharing about their work. It’s always a really powerful event, and we draw people from across walks of life on campus to unite around one common philosophy: you can’t put a price tag on a person, and everyone deserves freedom.

This year we partnered with the organization She is Safe. This non-profit works in eight countries or regions around the world to prevent and stop human trafficking. They do so through a four-step approach: first, identify the vulnerable and determine what makes them vulnerable. Is it lack of employment, education, extreme poverty, or a combination? Second, partner with local women, churches, and non-profits. With the support of these groups, She is Safe is able to cross cultural boundaries and garner support from local governments and other powerful decision-makers. Additionally, these groups are empowered by the training and support they receive, which is powerful since many women were victims of trafficking themselves. Third, She is Safe equips both Country Directors and local partners with the resources to see the success of the work so far and to share it with others to build a community of support. Finally, She is Safe works to evaluate the measures taken in an innovative and effective way to ensure progress that will last for many generations.

It was an honor to get to learn firsthand about their work around the globe from a leader who was herself a victim of trafficking. Too many times, there is a disconnect between those who want to help and the victims themselves. It was powerful to hear how Michele Rickett’s personal experiences moved her to action on behalf of girls everywhere. She is working not only to “save” them, but to empower them to become leaders and change agents themselves.

A bit about some good music

My taste in music is hard to define because it’s kind of all over the place. Depending on the mood I’m in, sometimes I can really go for some Kanye West and Jay-Z; other times, I find myself singing about boys and heartbreak with Taylor Swift—and, yes, that even includes her oh-so-country debut album from 2008.

Lately, however, there have been a few artists in particular that, to be honest, I’ve become completely obsessed with. Of course, I think they’re so amazing that everyone should get to experience their wonderfulness, so I decided to share them (in no particular order):


I have loved this band ever since I discovered their first album (the summer before my junior year of high school) thanks to a really good friend of mine. Reasons to love them other than the fact that Dan Smith has the voice of an angel (and fantastically coiffed hair): 1) They’re British, and 2) The lyrics of their songs are so deep, and I love songs that really give me something to think about . . . and, even if you don’t want to think, the melodies are always on point. It’s really a win-win with these guys no matter what.

Recommended songs:  All of them! 😀 The two I’ve especially had on repeat lately are called Shame and Blame (yep, I did that on purpose), from their newest album, “Wild World.”


I bet you forgot about these guys, didn’t you? This band gave the world “Island in the Sun,” which eight-year-old me only first learned of when I heard it in the cheesy but classic mermaid movie Aquamarine. When I finally looked it up a few years later, I realized that they also had some other neat music. Fast-forward to this year, I’ve now spread the Weezer Fever (totally just made that up) to one of my best friends here at OU.

Recommended songs:  Say It Ain’t So and Buddy Holly, both from their 1994 debut album.

BB Brunes

I definitely wanted to put this band first on the list, but their songs are pretty much entirely in French, so that may not be something most non-French-speaking people are looking to add to their music repertoire. However, even if you don’t understand the lyrics, please check out their music (or check out the dudes themselves; they are pretty cute . . .) because they have a great sound.

Recommended songs:  Lalalove You and Nico Teen Love, both from their 2009 sophomore album.

Another reason to love the BB Brunes: They’re from Paris. How could you not love these dudes from the city of love?