Podcast Assignment

My favorite radio station to listen to is 102.7. It plays music I like and at times when I need it like when I am driving to work or driving home. It is also what I grew up listening to since I am from OKC. So when I moved to Norman I did not have to search around for a new favorite. It is familiar and reliable.

Story Map and Cultural Lanscape of Rome

This story map is of the Ancient City of Rome, the capital of Italy. It is home of over two million people. It is also home to the Vatican City, an independent country that is the leader of the Catholic faith. I visited Rome my Junior year of high school, and I got to see all the major landmarks. These landmarks include the Sistine Chapel, Colosseum, Roman Forum, St. Peter’s Square, and many more. Experiencing these cultural landscapes of Rome deepened my understanding of the history of the city. Rome is also known as the “Eternal City.” The city gets this name because it is timeless and fascinating and full of history. The locations on this map only account for ten of the landscapes that are important to the city itself. However, there are many more. Rome is one of the most visited places in the world because of its amazing architecture and rich culture.

Favorite Podcast

The best podcast that I have ever listened to is Serial from the creators of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. I loved this series because it was a mystery and it is a real-life crime with real-life results, interviews and people. It was interesting to me because it always kept me on my toes. The producers did a great job of always ending the episode at a point where you wanted to know what was coming. I would listen to it again if I had the choice, it is such a good series! I highly recommend to anyone!


Finding Your Stakeholder

In PR Publications, we are learning about stakeholders, and how to define them. For our project during this section, we are going to be writing as the OU Recruitment Services. To start off our work, we need to define a stakeholder. The obvious choice is a prospective student. I want to focus on prospective concurrent students, specifically high school sophomores, juniors and seniors, who live within 30 minutes of Norman. I have a special tie to these students, because I was one. I want to show these students that it is possible to come to OU, and get ahead on their degree. I want them to see the benefit of coming to OU while being a concurrent student. They can get ahead on their college career, and take classes for their major. There are not many messages aimed at this group, but I am excited to start work on this direct mailer project.

ARCH for Non Majors Blog 4

The building here in Norman that has the most meaning for me is the Bizzell Memorial Library. This building really sold me on OU even though I had visited no other major college campuses. I was coming from community college which are notoriously sterile and uninviting architecturally speaking. The first time I saw it, I knew I had done something great and I was taking the right steps in my life towards a better future. I had no idea this is where I would end up. I gave college a second try with no major aspirations in mind but then I really realized my full potential when I decided to come to OU. That moment was probably seeing this view for the first time:

oklahomacampusI am a sucker for grandiose presentation and dramatic flare. This building has all of that and it’s only the exterior. The Great Reading Room really holds a significant place in my heart as well. But I love walking down the South Oval and seeing this. I realize that I won’t have this view everyday very soon, and I try to appreciate it as much as I can now.

enhanced-buzz-22368-1375303066-10Two very different photos!

ARCH for Non Majors Blog 3

Next, I want to look at Viva Las Vegas! I visit Vegas every other year and this year I’ll be celebrating my graduation from college. Vegas is positive place for me in terms of architecture. It sort of has this simultaneous old and new feel about it wherever you go there. This is in part because Vegas has been around for awhile but it is constantly changing with new hotels and casinos constantly being built. However, something about Las Vegas feels like coming home. The way in which you can walk around breezing in and out of any hotel or casino you’d like makes the whole atmosphere inviting and welcoming. My favorite piece of architecture in Vegas would have to be The Stratosphere. This hotel is old. I remember visiting it when my parents took us on vacation there when I was probably just 5 or 6 so my memory is vague but this building is hard to forget. It is 1,149 feet tall.

stratosphere-sunset-vegasI watched people bungee jump off the top! You can overlook almost ALL of Las Vegas from the top. You can even see where the city starts to disappear and the desert takes over. It’s eerie at the top. The hotel is nothing to write home about and I never won much money there, but standing at the bottom and looking up makes me the happiest person on Earth.


ARCH for Non Majors Blog 2

The next building I find very fascinating in terms of architecture is the “Il Duomo” in Florence, Italy. This basilica is infamous for its tall and wide dome that stumped architects for over 100 years on how to complete it. They simply didn’t have the resources to work at such heights. A competition was held in Florence for local architects or engineers to design a dome that would last and finally complete the basilica. Brunelleschi would be that architect. He would become famous for this project and many to come after its completion.

Here is a short video about Brunelleschi’s dome:


Here is the facade:


Here is the Dome which was the tallest and widest until the construction of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

domeI love the history connected with this basilica. It’s also where a Medici brother, a member of the wealthiest and oldest banking family in Italy, would be assassinated.

ARCH for Non Majors Blog 1

The first building that I fell in love with its architecture is only any building in Italy. I took an Italian architecture class and this is where I found a passion for learning about architecture. My favorite is the Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy. santa_maria_novella_florence_-_0844smn-interiorThis is the first major basilica in Florence only to be overshadowed eventually by the next building I’ll blog about which is “Il Duomo” or “The Dome”. Two famous architects of the time had a hand in designing the facade which is fluid unlike its gothic interior which is sharp and angular. This building is beloved to me because its the first building that made me think about how much we can learn from architecture but how much we neglect its significance.


Be the Change You Wish to See

Did you know…

It would cost less to provide clean, safe drinking water to the ENTIRE PLANET, than consumers spent last year alone for bottled water.

Next time you go to the store think to yourself, “Do I really need to buy bottled water?”. There is water in our homes, flowing out of our sinks, filling our bathtubs, in the washer, rushing out of the sprinklers. What is wrong with that water? We shower in it, water our lawns with it, wash our clothes with it, why don’t we drink it? Maybe its the taste, or the convenience, everyone has their own reason.

However, cutting back from buying bottled water has great benefits such as decreasing plastic waste & saving money. Of course there are times when bottled water is a must & is needed for a family road trip or to put in a cooler for guests at your BBQ. I’m not asking for much people, just pay attention to how much bottled water you actually purchase.

The key is to look at it from the demand side. If we stop buying it, companies will be forced to stop producing it.

Some health facts (not to freak you out, but to inform you):

  1. Bottled water comes from public water sources, only bottled water testing reports are not required to be submitted to the FDA or be made public. So who really knows what’s in that Aquafina bottle..
  2. Only 1 employee at the FDA is in charge of overseeing all bottled water regulations, but she has other responsibilities to tend to as well.
  3. The FDA is in charge of regulating products that are interstate commerce which mean they move from state to state. Most bottled water is consumed in the same state it is produced in.
  4. On the other side, tap water is highly regulated by the FDA. Every city provides water reports that are available to the public.

If you are one of those people who just cannot drink out of the tap, (hopefully after reading this info you are convinced) try a water filter. Water filters last forever, are easy maintenance, and give you that clean feeling bottled water does but it’s cheaper & probably safer to drink!

Also consider all the people who do not have access to water. If we were to use the funding from plastic water bottles, we could provide safe water to the entire 8 billion people on Planet Earth.

All information was gathered from the documentary, “Tapped”. Excerpts can be viewed on Youtube & the entire film can be seen via Netflix DVD.


Psychobabble? You’re probably asking yourself what that is, Psychobabble is a podcast by Tyler Oakley a famous YouTuber and my favorite podcast to listen too. Psychobabble is a 30-minute podcast where Tyler and his best friend Korey Kuhl, during 30 minutes they talk about pop culture, gossip, and just random stuff. It’s so entertaining and funny because you never know what will be talked about. I love listening to podcasts because they are good background noise when your studying or driving. This one in particular because I really enjoy pop culture and celebrity gossip and I am a big fan of Tyler Oakley. All the episodes are so different I don’t think I can pick a favorite. I think this is a start to a whole new love for podcasts and I can’t wait to start listening to more.