To the boy that broke my heart

I thought you would of been different since you were hurt before. I believe abandoning you was a mistake. Maybe if I came back we could fix it. Could of made it work. And I did… I opened my heart to you. I let you kiss  all over my body. Run your your fingers in places no one else has been. That Saturday night I thought about giving the most special gift: my virginity. But my mind was superior than my heart and feelings. I thought to myself maybe next time. Perhaps I found the love of my life, someone that truly cares for me and one day will love me endlessly…

However, you didn’t. You bullshitted me into believing you cared and wanted something serious. I let you see parts of me that I should have only shown to my future husband. I laid with you, felt your warmth, stroke your hair, and gliding my hands over your body. You filled my neck with kisses that were overwhelming. You overwhelmed my heart, soul, and body. But most of all you overwhelmed my mind. But you overwhelmed me with all of your indirectness and playing with my emotions. When I asked you “what are we?” You said “I honestly don’t know”. So you didn’t know, but you had the audacity to say “you know we could do more”. You weren’t ready for a relationship, but you wanted to make love to me.

It doesn’t work like that! You tricked me into your little game and I’m done playing it. Everyone told me you didn’t deserve me, that I deserved better, but I kept downgrading hoping someone would appreciate me. Obviously the worst of the worst won’t appreciate shit. I realized I DID deserve better, someone with goals and that loves me through all of my phases. Queen Bee said “you only want me when I am naughty” I guess you did too. I could bash you, I really could, like you did the first time. That’s not my character, I will get over what you couldn’t put a title to. I should have left this thing the first time, but I guess the heart is a powerful thing. The only thing I regret is letting you know my body, but most of all knowing the person who I am: my goals, ambition, and all the small things. I probably was the only one that got attached, but it’s okay.

I guess you have to love the worst in order to find the person that loves you more than life itself. We can’t have the rainbow without rain, can’t we?

I hope you find who you really are. That one woman comes into your life for the better. That her love is as deep as any ocean and she indulges you with true love and affection. That she could make you the happiest man on Earth. Hopefully you could wish me that too. But, frankly I wouldn’t care if you do or don’t. We weren’t made for each other clearly and I was too good and innocent for you. Goodbye, and in your own words………… “Then so be it”


A Musicical Journey: Syria and Beyond

Recently I attended a music workshop titled “Music from Syria and Beyond.” The two performers were Kenan Adnawi from Syria and Tareq Rantisi from Palestine. Both currently living in the Northeastern United States, they travel the country together hosting workshops over middle eastern music.

The two performers of the workshop. Percussionists pictured right and guitarist left.
The two performers of the workshop. Percussionists pictured right and guitarist left.

The first 30 minutes of the workshop was exclusively held in arabic as the event was cosponsored by the Arabic Flagship program. After the musicians introduced themselves, we went down the rows of the auditorium introducing the audience. When it was my turn, I managed to say the few phrases of arabic I’ve learned thus far semi-confidently. The workshop progressed into the structure of middle eastern music. Essentially, there are three scales. Two of them parallel with western music’s major and minor scales and the third is uniquely eastern. Rhythm was also discussed. We clapped and tapped the emphasized and deemphasized beats, respectively. I enjoyed sitting close to the world music professor. She was able to maintain the rhythm of the musicians as the rest of us struggled to clap and tap in unison.

The ongoing conflict in Syria started a conversation about the current state of music in Syria and the condition of artist. Adnawi came to the U.S. in 2013 as a musician fleeing the country and he said that music is critical towards preserving culture and moral in Syria. It has provided an escape for the remaining musicians and their audiences from the ongoing terrors of the conflict. In Germany, a refugee orchestra has developed and tours the country serving as an ambassador for refugees. As a universal language, music humanizes the plight and condition of refugees.

Me with a Syrian refugee in Germany.
Me with a Syrian refugee in Germany.

In addition to learning about the different percussion instruments used. We were given a lively performance from a guitar like instrument. Coupled with the percussion accompaniment, the musical product was marvelous.




8 Reasons why you need to vote this Election:

8 Reasons to Vote on the 8th

1. The Supreme Court

With one seat vacant and three others occupied by Justices age 78 or over it is very likely that the winning candidate will nominate 3-4 justices in their 4-8 years serving as President. These nominations can radically swing the ideologies of the supreme court having a huge impact on our future as a country. This reason alone and the impact of these nominations should get you to the polls on election day.

2. The National Debt

At almost 20 trillion dollars our National debt has been a major talking point during this election cycle. Before Obama took office in 2008 our national debt was at about 10 trillion dollars and we have seen it double over the past 8 years. Whether you agreed with the Obama administrations fiscal policies or not you cannot deny the fact that our country is headed in the wrong direction with our deficit on the steady rise and no plan to fix it. So if you care about the future of our nation for your children you’ll head to the polls and cast your vote for the canidate that can get us back on track.

3. National Security

Our world is a scary place and it’s only getting worse. With a destabilized Middle East, Isis contributants infiltrating European and North American countries, and Kim Jong Un testing a nuclear warhead we are a time in our world where a third world war can spark at any moment. Our military has been depleted and our confidence and ability to defend the free world has dwindled. Electing a strong, confident, and strategic leader this November is crucial to the stability not only of our Nation but also our World.

4. A New VP

You may be asking why a new VP is significant? Well the VP is the tie-breaking vote in the senate should there be an even tie in a vote. This is especially important in this election with the Senate currently sitting at a 54-46 advantage for the GOP. That gap can easily be closed by the Democratic party and it is not an unreasonable to think that the Senate could be all knotted up at 50-50 after election day, thus making the Vice President elected even more important.

5. Obamacare

The Affordable healthcare act is simply not doing its job. Obamacare was set up to fail and it has done just that. It should be deemed the “unaffordable” healthcare act as premiums have risen an absurd amount and coverage has gotten worse. Our healthcare system is in desperate need of fixing and we must either answer that question with more government involvement or less involvement.

6. Which Problems are the real problems?

This election cycle has been interesting because usually candidates from each side of the aisle have different ideas of solutions to policy problems, but in this election cycle the candidates can’t even agree on what the actual problems are.  In this election cycle the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign have emphasized the problems of climate change, police brutality, and minimum wage while the Republican party and the Trump campaign have focused on job creation, strengthening of the second amendment, and religious liberty. So in this election you’re not just voting for the right or the left on issues, you’re voting for which issues are important to you in itself.

7. Obama’s Executive Orders

Much of Obama’s self touted successes came through executive orders in his second term of the presidency. These orders can be unsigned and gone on day one in a Trump administration, which is the disadvantage of legislating through executive orders. So, if you believe these executive orders should stand, a vote to keep Donald Trump out of office is essential and if you believe these orders were unlawful and need to be unsigned a ballot cast for Donald Trump is crucial. So if you want your voice to be heard about Obama’s executive orders cast a vote on the 8th.

8. Civic Duty

This may seem cliche and irrelevant to add because we all have heard this. Well I added it because no matter how redundant or cliche it is, it’s true. It is our civic duty and a great honor to vote on Election day. Our government officials are elected by us and we are privileged to have our voices heard by the representatives we choose to elect. So be proud to vote, be proud to have your voice heard, and most importantly on this election day be proud to be an American no matter the outcome.



Yes, this election is important but at the end of the day if it doesn’t turn out the way you want don’t fret, groan, or moan. Recognize the blessing it is to live in such an amazing, wealthy, and privileged country.

And let’s not forget this one thing:

“God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne.”

Psalm 47:8



Before I draw trees by hand, I did not observe  them closely. As I looked into trees, I found there are various types of trees according to their characteristics: sizes, shapes, colors of leaves/stems, how their branches spread out, and so on. Furthermore, I realized even a single leaf has a variety of colors when sun shines through it: The end of leaf reflects usually brighter colors, while darker as closer to the center. Also, Identifying the names of trees was also interesting.

Types of Trees
Types of Trees_Pencil
Scan 9
Types of Trees _Water Color

Pitches and Visuals

This week was my favorite so far in PR Writing. Not only did Dr. C wear a tiger onesie to class, but the assignments were enjoyable. Dr. C assigned my class a feature pitch email assignment and a video assignment. I thought the video assignment was fun to plan and create.Video

For this assignment I was to plan and produce a ten-second video to promote my client to its public. I think making videos is entertaining, so I was excited to begin this assignment. I used to make videos with my friends in middle school and became skilled with iMovie. I used this helpful tutorial when I was learning how create movies.

I first planned my video by creating a two-column script. I found relevant images and began adding them into a video. It was fun playing with the different themes and transitions in iMovie. Although it took time to figure out how to add music, I thought it was necessary to complete the video. Because I was enjoying the assignment so much, I may have spent a little too much time on it.

Although I already knew how to use iMovie prior to this assignment, I learned more transition and audio tricks. In the future, I can use these strategies to create promotional videos for a client.

Importance of a Personal Website

As media creators, utilizing websites should come second nature to us. Whether that be as a platform to share our content, a means to connect with other content creators, or for potential employers to have a convenient way to learn about us as a creator.

Websites like YouTube and Vimeo are a great way to get your video published online. You can send the links to people for them to watch and comment on your content. However, there are some limits to these platforms such as needing to conform to a certain layout of your page and how large your video files can be. The company names of “YouTube” and “Vimeo” are also incorporated into the name of your site.

Creating your website through another means such as SquareSpace will help you surpass these limitations. Using a domain name that is entirely your own will help you stand out. Being able to customize the look of your site will also give visitors a better understanding of your personality.

Creating a bio, adding links to your social media, uploading your reel, and updating a blog about your production projects will all help employers get to know you as a content creator. Having a personal website will help leagues more than just a resume and reel alone.


Last night I attended the film screening of Amreeka, a movie portraying the life of an immigrant family’s struggle to find a place they can call home in America. Muna, single mother to son Fadi, is an educated and hard-working woman who works tirelessly to send her son to private school. Even though the Iraq war has caused trouble in her hometown, Muna braves the checkpoints and soldiers and drives two hours every day to get Fadi to school. After applying for a visa, they are presented with the opportunity to move to America. Tired of abuse by Israeli occupation troops, Fadi begs his mother to jump on this opportunity, excited at the chance to get an American education. They decide to make the difficult transition from Ramallah, a city in West Bank Palestine, to live with her sister’s family in a small town in Illinois.   Amreeka-images-a7786abd-c37f-439b-bb7e-a7cd1a78380

Even though Muna has 10 years of experience in the banking industry in Palestine, the only job she is able to find is at the local White Castle, a hamburger chain diner. After the U.S. attack on Iraq, Fadi begins to face racial profiling in school. Even though his family is Palestinian Christian, they are often perceived as potential Muslim terrorists. In the movie, Fadi ends up getting into a dangerous fight with a bully. Muna picks him up from jail and scolds him for his actions, telling him he must hold his head high and be proud of his heritage regardless of the ignorance of the students around him. At the end, things start looking up and situations improve for the family. This was a very powerful, eye-opening movie that made me feel very fortunate to never have to worry about experiencing the kind of mistreatment and abuse Muna, Fadi and their family had to endure. The ending left me with the impression that there might be more to the story.

In my introduction to religious class, we are currently reading The World’s Religions by Huston Smith. Smith presents big picture religious ideals and tries to build bridges between religions, insisting that their is more similarities than differences between them. I think this book, along with the movie, is a reminder that I have so much more in common with people than I may think and that I should never believe the stereotypes I may hear about them. I cannot classify all people based on what one person, or group of people, from that culture may have done. I feel like I do a pretty good job of loving people no matter their beliefs or backgrounds. However, I think it is always good to be reminded and made aware of how crucial it is to treat others with kindness and compassion. I am very blessed to have never experienced the kind of treatment that the Palestinian family endured and I should never take that for granted.

Candy corn- the tricky treat


Halloween has finally arrived. All of the time you spent decorating your haunted house and preparing a costume is about to be put to good use. But aside from clever costumes and scary sceneries, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without the assortment of sugary morsels that are passed out from door to door.

When I was younger and still went trick-or-treating, I remember scoping out the houses in my neighborhood each year to discover which houses handed out the best candy. This way, I could target those houses on my candy scavenge the next year and get the best candies before they were all given away.

Of course, there were always those select houses that annually gave out the worst goodies of Halloween, including sticky popcorn balls, caramel apple suckers, raisins, toothbrushes, and candy necklaces. However, arguably the trickiest treat of Halloween is candy corn.

Although candy corn is a Halloween and overall fall season staple, people seem to either love it or flat-out hate it. According to The Huffington Post article “Explaining the Logic Behind Candy Corn Hatred“, some of the reasons people despise candy corn are because “they’re basically waxy sugar”, “they get old quickly”, and they’re almost like “eating plastic”.

After having a conversation with some students in my Introduction to Mass Communication class about the corn-shaped candy, I learned just how polarized the issue of candy corn likability is. Because I am a lover of candy corn, I was oblivious to the fact that some people genuinely have an intense disdain for it.

Aside from their questionable consistency and appearance, however, are a multitude of reasons to love this festive sweet. It is a traditional treat that was invented in the 1880s and was later brought to the masses by what is now the beloved Jelly Belly Candy Co.

And if you get tired of the classic white, orange, and yellow appearance, there are a variety of different colors year-round to fit different holidays, including “reindeer corn” (red, white, green) and “cupid corn” (red, white, pink).

Due to its traditional and widely recognized appearance, candy corn can be used in various ways to make decorations and help “fall-ify” the house. Also, candy corn is used in many delicious fall recipes that are pristine for the season.

So for all the candy corn haters out there, while I understand your candy corn hatred may stem from its waxy texture and unique flavor, I encourage you to explore the positives of this classic candy. If you, your friends, or your family receive any while trick-or-treating tonight, give it a chance before immediately throwing it out. And for those of you who have never tried it, no, it doesn’t taste like corn.