JMC-3423 – Blogging Case Study

The industry blog that the case study will be over is This is their official blog.

They upload posts more than ten times per day with simple writing about what is going on the CBA. It’s like one post per two hours. Sometimes, they take shorter time. They blog about the games, and what is happening in the players, and even entertainment that occurs of the industry.

The strengths of those blogs are that they cover all aspects of the CBA industry and tries to go in depth on the topics they write about. Some blogs are very conversational, while others are more formal. We can tell there are more than two blogger writing for this official blog. They do not use the word like “I”, but they do use “we.” It is engaging and thought provoking and can be read by someonewho knows about CBA games.

However they have some weaknesses in my opinion. The weaknesses of the blog is they do too many posts. Some of them I think they are not  necessary. They are not informative. They are just some thought from the editors, which might not attract people.

Overall, this blog is systemic and clear. Most blogs are easy to read. It is good for reader in their unattended stand-by time.

JMC-3423 – Blogging Topics

  1. Social media Advances should be good?

This blog would discuss how CBA industry is growing rapidly and how social media will help them improve. This is would be seen as a good thing but it is not easy to handle social media. Sometimes a bad media would harm the organization.


2. Fans will be sick of too many update?

There is no doubt that fans would like to check out what is going on the industry. But would they be sick of too many update? It might bother them to see all of update from the CBA official blog. Because it might block them to see other things they’re interested in.

3. Authority always better?

“Build trust in your content by allowing your readers to hear directly from a voice of authority” is probably good. But some of blog reader might want to hear from others opinion who are not professional. So, fans’ interaction sometimes might be better.


A few weeks, I was invited to participate in a software beta test conducted by OU Libraries. The software is Leganto. This new software allows me to quickly search and locate reading material for use in my courses. In the past, I compiled a reading list and taught my students to search for readings using different databases. Now, I can add the links to the readings in my course site while I am doing my library search. It saved me a great deal of time without me having to create multiple individual embedded links. The tool will also allow me to gain more timely feedback from my students about individual readings as well as allow the students to recommend other related readings. Also, I can share my reading list with other faculty.  Mary Ellen Spencer is the contact person.

A Year Without Keys

Join me for my year without keys by following my blog! Beginning in August I will travel as a leadership development consultant for Pi Beta Phi. Through this opportunity I will move cities nearly every five days. No car, no home, no keys.

I’ve always shied away from blogging because I’ve never felt like I had anything to say that was worth further cluttering the internet with. However, I have had so many people ask to keep tabs on my travel and this was the best way I could dream up! If nothing else, I’ll have a nice collection of thoughts.

Until August,


JMC-3423 – Identifying Opportunities

  1. Wonderful playoff, Come on, Hongyuan Southern Tigers!

Now, it is CBA’s playoff, Yi has proven his worth as a an CBA Playoff starter. Li Ming has not. They are two important key player in Southern Tigers team. They are also two of most favorite player in Guangdong.

2. First draft for this summer

One of the first pick candidate in this year’s CBA draft, C’Hen has performed well beyond many people’s expectations. He is going to catch the  publics’ eye and draw most attention.

3. Is Yi the best option for Southern Tigers?

Yi rumours were flying about possible deals. He has developed a tendency to mix it verbally with the teammate. Almost every fans know about this case, and concern what will happen next.

Communications strategy

  • The type of visual language I will use will be concise, simple and to the point. I think I want my business card to be more visually appealing with a strong emphasis on not only the game of soccer but the University of Oklahoma as well; tie in the mission statement of being students first and soccer players second
  • The content and visuals will show the soccer program core values while hopefully being fun and aesthetically pleasing
  • I know I want to incorporate OU colors (black, Crimson, cream) in the business card and have the soccer program’s logo with the OU crest somewhere
  • I think it would be cool to have some sort of soccer field design on the business card, to make it engaging

Competitor Analysis

  1. How does your organization differ from its competitors?

The University of Oklahoma Men’s Soccer Peogram differs from competitors because the program is the on,y program at OU that allows for enrolled male students to play soccer at a competitive, non-varsity level. Unlike the intramural soccer teams that develop during the spring every year for Greek-life and schoowide purposes, the men’s soccer program allows for an annual club/organization students are able to be a part of. The OU Men’s Rugby team and the OU Men’s Lacrosse team differ from the soccer program because they are more well-known across campus, have sufficient funds to purchase needed equipment, fees, etc. and have professional coaching staffs whereas the men’s soccer program has is not aw well-known, has insufficient funds and is player coached. The men’s rugby team also has their own field in which they do not have to compete with any other OU club or organization for practice space or game space. The men’s lacrosse team is in a similar situation at the intramural fields but the men’s soccer program has multiple other intramural and clubs competing with for time and space availability.

  1. How should your organization’s image and message differ from its competitors?

The OU Men’s Soccer Program should try and achieve more brand awareness in order to be able to acquire more following on social media and attendance at games to hopefully be able to acquire sufficient funds to afford better equipment, professional coaching and be able to pay fees. The soccer program should try and differentiate it from intramural soccer teams by establishing the reputation that it is the only men’s soccer program at OU that allows students to compete at a high, competitive level with other students at OU as well as other universities around  the country. Because OU doesn’t have a varsity level men’s soccer team, the soccer program is the closest soccer club to that desired level of competition at OU and allows members to play year-round.

  1. Link to competitor analysis interest board:

Lazy Days in Emilia-Romagna

True Believers, I gotta say, I don’t think I’ve ever been quite this relaxed in my entire life. For the first time ever, I have literally nothing that needs doing other than these posts, which I quite enjoy anyways. It really gives you the ability to do whatever you want all the time, and live your life to the fullest. That being said, I also gotta say that outside of a few trips and outings, I’ve really wasted them in a long and incredibly lazy week.

Now don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of fun with being lazy all week; I just wish I’d done a little more when I could have instead of pushing all my plans ahead for one last week of craziness. I planned to go to Venice and slept through my alarms, and a trip to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence was canceled after we didn’t snag tickets quite early enough. I did end up going to both Rimini and Ferrara and getting out and doing a few touristy things in the afternoon here in Bologna, so don’t think too badly of me.

Rimini is a smallish city just about an hour south of Bologna by car, mostly known for being the only place where you can get a bus to San Marino. For all that, Rimini has its own particular charm, mainly found in its quieter beaches than the rest of Italy. There’s so many famous coastal and beach towns here: Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast, just about anywhere in Sicily, ad nauseam, but Rimini isn’t normally considered for one reason or another. It might not have the absolute prettiest coastline, but it has a smaller town charm and it’s not so chock full of tourists that you can barely find a spot. Actually, when I arrived with my friends, it was unfortunately pretty cloudy and we were the only ones on the beach as far as we could see. We almost trod dejectedly home when miraculously, the sun broke and the wind died down and made the beach decidedly more pleasant. After that, it was just one long lazy afternoon of sunny naps and little islands just off the beach. It really was a great day trip, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to travel to Italy, if only for a day at most.

Ferrara is another less well-known city, although I certainly don’t know why. I initially decided to go to Ferrara for a horse/donkey race called Il Palio di Ferrara, which has been happening in the city since 1259, but I found that I enjoyed the rest of the city far more than I thought I would. To start, the center of the city is marked with a Castello Largo, an imposing castle stuck right in the center of the town, drawbridges and all. It honestly came as a shock; I didn’t even know it existed, so I thought I was imagining things at first when I saw it in the distance. The rest of the center was absolutely beautiful too, with lots of winding streets and old buildings much like the rest of Italy. There was also a gorgeous street with what had to be a thousand multicolored umbrellas strung across it. It was yet another great surprise here and really broke up the up the vista of old brown and gray churches; plus the street is filled with great gelato and coffee.


A strange yet wonderful umbrella street (left) and the surprise castle (right)

As for Il Palio, my hopes were dashed this time. As the race was about to begin, it began to absolutely pour rain and destroyed the careful work done to maintain the track. I got absolutely soaked myself, and the race was postponed to the following waste, so it was a bit of a downer. Luckily I can use my ticket for that time too, so I’ll talk about Il Palio in another post later, but suffice it to say that I sat in the rain for a while just to watch people flatten a dirt track and then had to walk back in the rain sans umbrella, so it wasn’t exactly the best part of the trip.

That’s about all I did this week, but I have a lot planned. There’s Venice today, a going-away party for a group of friends tomorrow, (hopefully) Florence on Thursday, and Pisa and Lucca on Friday, not to mention a return trip to Ferrara for the race next Sunday, and then it’s time to fly back to the good ol’ US of A. Next week I’ll have a lot of juicy details and gossip for you I’m sure, but until then, I’m going to get off this train and see Venice for the first time. Arrivederci tutti!


  1. What is your organization’s mission–the service or product it sells?

The organization I chose to pursue for this week’s assignment is the University of Oklahoma Men’s Soccer Program. The organization’s mission or goal is to allow enrolled male students at the University of Oklahoma to play a sport they love at a competitive level with other students that share the same passion. The organization does not sell a service or a product to anyone, but allows for OU students to play soccer at a high level.

  1. Who are its main competitors?

The soccer program’s main competitors are other intramural and club teams at the University of Oklahoma, like the OU Men’s Rugby team and the OU Men’s Lacrosse team. The soccer program has to compete with some of the intramural and club teams for the practice and game field due to the lack of excessive space and practice/game time availabilities. Another main competitor of the soccer program is the OU Handball team.

  1. What are your organization’s most dominant attitudes and core values?

The men’s soccer program maintains core values of 1) first and foremost, to succeed as students at the University of Oklahoma and 2) to play soccer at a fun, competitive, friendly level with others who share the same passion.