One Meaty Topic

Meat. The primary substance we acquire protein, and the core of nearly every American meal.

Peer Evaluations and a Guest Speaker

This week was dedicated to helping us fix and understand mistakes that we have made while doing client assignments. Personally, I like peer evaluations because I like hearing from others about what I can improve on and how they do certain things. I also like giving advice as well. I think that having Keiran as a guest speaker was insightful because it taught me how important social media truly is for us to know how to utilize. Having Keiran give advice was also helpful because she was completely unbiased to our clients and just gave advice based on questions we had or situations she found confusing. I think that the critiques of this week will help me figure out what else needs to be done to successfully promote my client. I also have a few ideas of what I can talk to her about, such as the Groupon and adding fitness to the company name.

Criticism is the worst

When someone reads something that you have written and rips it to shreds, that hurts a lot. While this happens a lot in school, it usually isn’t a classmate with the scissors. This week, that all changed. Dr. Carstarphen asked us to peer review each others work and tell our fellow classmates what was wrong with their assignments. While this might seem like simple task, it was also daunting. We are all college students and we don’t necessarily know how to critique assignments that we ourselves were unsure of when completing, but we all tried our best. I feel that the comments we made on each others work were possible not the most inept and in depth. The depth of our knowledge is nothing compared to professors who have practiced this profession for years, but we had to the make the most out of what we were given. This exercise was both interesting but terrifying on both sides of the page.

Blogging Case Study

For this blogging case study I picked Endless Entertainment’s blog. The link is The blog is targeted towards people in the entertainment PR industry who plan events. The blog does not post the job titles of the people who wrote the blogs, but I assume they are apart of the firm. The blog used to be updated about twice a week, but lately there have not been as many posts. They should work on consistency in their posting.

The blog is written in third person when addressing the company. There is no “I” or “we” in the blog posts. They do a great job of using pictures and videos in their blog posts to split up the text so readers don’t get bored of reading a ton of words. I’ve learned that I need to add more pictures into my blogs to make them more lively.

Spring Break

First week back from spring break, and all the students were pretty pumped up and excited to start their concepts for Lovework’s. It was also a change for me to transition from Tuesdays and Thursdays to Mondays and Wednesdays due to my compressed courses that started towards the last half of the semester. The last 10 weeks of the Lovework’s leadership after school program consisted of different concepts. The students were able to rate from 1 being their top favorite to 10 being their least favorite category, which was related to a hobby that they were of interested in.

As leaders, we were also considered to rate specifically which hobbies we were also interested in. I ended up choosing my top three, which were Culinary, Arts, and Gardening. The idea of these concepts are generally to inspire students to explore more into what they could possible try doing in the future as a career choice. I was pretty excited to start learning more about culinary with my group of students. As we progress throughout the after school program, I hope I can accomplish in learning how to cook cuisines or bake goodies in the future and hopefully something edible.


Monday through Thursday, leaders are given the opportunity to become Bus Ninjas to pick up the students from the four designated Norman Public Middle Schools. The doors of the Lovework’s campus are lined with leaders welcoming and cheering middle school students as they step off the school bus and step into the Afterschool Leadership Program. This program time is a safe place where they focus on personal growth, participate in group activities and are encouraged to pursue the dreams in their heart for about a couple of hours.
Dozens of mentor volunteers facilitate tutoring groups, games, conversations and meal times. Each student receives personalized attention, snack and full dinner meal, while participating in specialized projects involving local artists. Each experiential learning project is geared towards developing skill sets within the students and broadening their awareness to cultural diversity. The Loveworks After school Leadership Program is made possible by the support of individual concerned partners and community support. Most of these individuals come from college students as well any other partnerships made with Lovework’s.

Peer Evals

This week we went through the process of peer evaluation. Emily and I traded outside of class as we were both sick, and I felt that the assignment was very insightful. The one thing I’ve learned in Gaylord the most over the last three years is how important it is to revise and to have as many people as possible check your work. You can never go wrong with a new pair of eyes.

I learned a lot about my writing style through this assignment. I write like a speak more often than not, and Emily is a little more formal. It’s crazy to see how different narratives are from one person to another and how much it can help you. Looking at her work showed me where I could improve and put more descriptive detail into my writing. Overall I learned a lot and need to keep fixing my work. It is the only way to get better.

Office Visits


Office visits are very open and welcoming.  If the student wishes to meet, they have two options.  The student can either meet with the American Indian Director or with the American Indian Executive Board.  Each have their own office space where meetings or simple conversation can take place.


American Indian Director – 3rd Floor Union, Student Life

American Indian Student Association – 2nd Floor Union, Conoco Student Leadership Wing, Room 286!

OU in the Final Four!…and stuff about PR Writing

This was a busy week in PR Writing. I’ll talk about a few highlights. Dr. C asked us to talk about what we learned from the “Importance of Writing in Business” video. Someone said that a good reader makes a good writer. I consider myself a decent writer, but not a reader. So, I should make an effort to read more.
This week we traded assignments for our company with classmates to do a peer review. I have not looked at the feedback given to me yet. The person I graded did a good job on hers. There were a few suggestions I had in a few places, but overall, she has done a very good job.
Today I worked on a letter to mail out to people to increase social media hits, a Waze script, and established a Google Voice mailbox for the company.
In my internship this week I am in the beginning of writing a press release for a professor at OU Engineering who is taking an existing Garmin aircraft weather RADAR, and improving it’s algorithm and combining it with other technology to make a RADAR that will also detect small drones and be smaller, weigh less, and have minimal energy consumption. Since this has to do with aviation, it is right down my alley.
I’m headed to Final Four tomorrow. BOOMER SOONER!