For this week in PR publications, we were asked to continue working on our letterhead and business card. We have been working on both of these things for quite sometimes as we worked to perfect it. I was really excited to continue working on this. I enjoyed using Indesign and making a business card, especially because it seems so professional! I think my final project is really nice. I think I captivated all of the important aspects of Kappa Kappa Gamma with the symbols on both the letterhead and the business card. I think this was my reaction because I started to really enjoy working on InDesign and working to better my skills.

Long term goals were to better understand how to use InDesign. I also would consider pitching this card to Kappa, should it come up that they were needing to revamp. I really am feeling more confident with my skills in Indesign and have enjoyed learning how to use it. Businesscard 1 Businesscard 12 LetterHead

happy leap day!

leap day gif criss

That’s right, my fellow Earth inhabitants! Today is Leap Day! We have been graced with a whole extra day to goof off (because c’mon, what else was this day established for?).

I think Leap Day is a fun day. That is probably because of my love for the Earth and space. The reason we have a Leap Day every four years is to make up for the 1/4 day in Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Yes, the Earth orbits around the Sun 365 and 1/4 days! So, every four years we tack an extra day onto February.

I am honestly disappointed that not very many people get excited about Leap Day. We love Daylights Savings when we get a whole extra hour to sleep. Why not a whole extra day?

Leap Day is also more thrilling to me because of the fun from the popular NBC sitcom, 30 Rock. They had one of the main characters, Kenneth, dress up like Leap Day Williams and everyone wore blue and yellow (however, sadly, I did not do this today :( ).

Maybe I’m getting excited over nothing, but I don’t think so. Leap Day is fun, so I hope everyone lived it up today!


peace out pals,


(p.s., this post is short but I needed an excuse to post this gif on my blog 😛 )

Chapter 8 Recap

Three important takeaways:

  • Fact sheets. Fact sheets are brief documents that summarize key facts about a company, product or issue. Fact sheets can be Q & A’s, or press release style.
  • Backgrounders are important because they contain a detailed brief on a company including history, overview, social media, etc.
  • Features are much what they sound like, featured stories. They appear in every type of media outlet.


Something that I read that made me think about PR in a new way was that “how-to” articles could be feature stories. I suppose they could but I always imagine a more serious topic when I think of a feature.

Something I read that is useful to my current PR writing was the books example of a descriptive lead. Being trained in news writing, I have not had the opportunity to write a lead that long or embellished.

Something I read that is useful to my professional goals is that it is important to pitch a story before you write it. Don’t bother writing an entire piece, but rather a detailed outline with promised deadlines.


Bose Competitor Analysis


Bose is a consumer electronic corporation. Its website is located at


Bose is an audio equipment company that specialized in consumer electronics. It is privately held and based in Framingham, Massachusetts. They are best known for their speaker systems and headphones.


  • Techie
  • Innovative
  • Trustworthy
  • Sleek
  • Efficient
  • Dependable


Their values include innovation, teamwork, growth and financial viability. They focus on inspiring their best people to stay and others go join. They are a privately held company and focus on self-funded research.

  • Team focused
  • Employee centered
  • Benefits customers
  • Consumer driven
  • Self sustaining

Designing For Emotion

I very much enjoyed the first chapter of Designing for Emotion. I found many things that it said to be interesting and also helpful. One statement that I really liked and agreed with was on page 11. The statement said, “Emotional experiences make a profound imprint on our longterm memory.” The reason I agree with this statement is because many of the experiences in my life all involve around emotion. Emotion is a strong appeal, when used correctly and efficiently through advertisements, books, movies, songs etc. Therefore when making and designing different things within Public Relations we should keep this in mind.

One statement I disagreed with was on page 12. It said, “Positive emotion stimuli can be disarming.” The reason I disagree with this is because I believe that positive emotions and messages can, on the contrary, be alarming. For example, let’s say an advertisement is made for a Victoria Secret commercial. However, a woman who just go out of a long term relationship sees the advertisement and becomes alarmed and upset because she is single. Even though the commercial has every intention of positivity and healthy relationships, the single woman can still watch it and become sad. Therefore, not all “positive emotion is disarming.”

I look forward to continuing to read in Designing for Emotion!


I hope that as young woman, living in this current age I can give a different view to my subject. Marriage has always been targeted towards young women. As children, we dress up and imagine the wedding of our dreams. We wonder how finding “the one” will feel, and sometimes we spend a good percentage […]

Final Draft of Business Cards and Letter Head Reflection

  1. What were you asked to do?

We were asked to create a business card for a company we are close with. Over the course of this project we analyzed the competition and thought about what design would be best for the company. We received feedback from our peers and edited our business cards.

  1. How did you respond to what you were asked to do?

I was up for the challenge and I was worried about using InDesign to do this project. I was able to learn from it and get a better feel for InDesign and the tools it has to offer.

  1. How did react to what you actually did?

I think I reacted well to the task I was given. I was able to learn more about InDesign and I used the videos on for more information about the program. Overall I feel good about what I created and I think I came a long from not knowing anything about InDesign.

  1. Now go one level deeper: Why do you think your reaction was what it was?I think my reaction was that I was up for the challenge because I want to do as well as I can on everything I make and I was eager to learn more about design programs. I realize I will have to use design programs in my job and I want to have those skills and be able to show employers I am able to do things with InDesign and Photoshop.
  • Any long term goals for this design? Do you have any interest in actually pitching this to the organization?

I would to offer this design to the company and see if they would be interested in using it for some business cards. I am also interested in having this design and seeing the progress I will make with my design skills and being able to go back and use it for reference.

  • Do you or do you not feel yourself becoming more confident with the tools you are being asked to used?

I feel like I have become more confident in the tools of InDesign. I think this project was a great chance to learn more about InDesign and play around with the tools and see what works and what did not work for me.

  • Is there anything you would do differently if you were to start over?

As of right now I do not know if I would do anything differently. I feel proud of my work and I don’t want to say there are a lot of flaws to it. I think after I do more design projects I will feel more confident about my skills and I might reflect on this project and see things I could change.

  • Do you have any recommendations for future students doing this project?

Keep looking at the videos on InDesign. The more you understand the tools and what you can do with them the better your design can turn out and the easier it will be to do this project.


Here are what my business cards and letterhead look liked as the final product:

Final Draft of Business Cards and Letter Head Reflection

Code Blue

As my classmates and I find our collegiate careers coming to an end, we are scrambling to take advantage of every last second we have all of Gaylord College’s resources at our fingertips.

A few weeks ago, I was approached by several different people and offered a position as production designer / set designer on their short films. Coincidentally, each one of these films involved a hospital set.

So, I was faced with a challenge. How do I make a believable hospital set for virtually no budget? We are all financially struggling college students, so I took that into consideration as I planned and implemented designs.

The following is what I came up with. It ended up looking pretty radical on film. Not to mention, the actors we cast to staff the hospital did an amazing job themselves.