An advocate that I would like to give recognition to is Dr. Sasha Vukelja who is an oncologist from the east Texas area. She has supported many women in the fight of breast cancer and has helped people achieve goals in the fight against cancer of various types. Dr. Vukelja has written a few books about her life and traveling to the United States as a young girl from Yugoslavia as well as a book about the miracles she has created amongst her patients. Her advocacy has been to help people, heal people from cancer, and encourage change for the better in people’s lives. Dr. Vukelja provides hope, love and courage towards all of her patients and has truly become a hero in many peoples lives. She is most definitely one of the most significant advocates that I know personally and I am happy to acknowledge her and the accomplishments she has made as a successful doctor.


When I think of advocacy I think of Ben Carson. He’s currently running for president and is a world renown pediatric neurosurgeon. Carson has been advocating for the education of America’s youth since he can remember. He was born into poverty, but gives credit for his success completely to the fact that his mother made him learn to love learning. He has written multiple books regarding this issue and goes around to different schools and universities all over the United States telling children, adolescents, and young adults about his experience living the american dream and how they can have the same experience if they learn to value education. Another way in which he has advocated for education is by using this topic as one of his major platforms in his presidential campaign. He is passionate about the education of the next generations and he is living proof of how important a role it can play in a person’s life.


Last week in class we looked at the website of “Mothers against Drunk Drivers” (MADD). They were founded in 1980. Their mission statement lists three main goals. First is to end drunk or drugged driving through education, second is the help for victims of drunk drivers who were injured or hurt in an accident caused by a drunk driver, and third but not last is to prevent underage alcohol consumption.  Too many young drivers underestimate the danger of alcohol consumtion and this group is a non-profit organization for education and passing laws to prevent harm to the public.


My younger sister is an advocate for animal rights. She is passionate about helping dogs and and helping dog owners make the best decisions for their pets. She educates herself on the topic, which is really important with advocacy of any sort. With this information, she is able to share that with others in order to improve the situation for the animals. She also volunteers with animal organizations that actively removes animals from difficult situations, rehabilitates them as needed, and seeks to rehome them. I think that the most important part of her advocacy is the fact that she keeps herself extremely informed of the topic. Without that information, she would not be able to be as effective, if at all.

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An advocate that I know in my personal life is my mother, Jimmie Sue Blose. She just opened a counseling office in Ripley, Oklahoma and uses her building to help people in the community. She advocates for clients by hosting a drug and alcohol abuse counseling program. She also counsels children in the community, whether they walk to her building or she uses her own car to transport them to make sure they can make it to session. Lastly, she opens up her building to others such as a grief support group that can help members struggling with loss or other problems. She has been a strong advocate for the Ripley Community and has been changing it one person at a time.

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My mom is a great example of an advocate. She works as a Court Appointed Special Advocates, (CASA). She is an advocate for many children, and has a great heart for it. My mom uses many advocacy actions that I have observed over time. She used her power to make sure resources were distributed equally because these children often times need many resources but are just unaware of them or how to apply. My mom also has great writing skills. When she would make home visits she would have to write down everything she observed and conversations she had with the parents in their case file. Writing skills are an important skill to have in order to accurately take note and advocate for the people you are working with and for. Another skill she used frequently was problem solving. As an advocate you have to be able to assess the problem situation, the client, and your own personal role. I have seen my mom implement these skills into her work. To plan for advocacy you have to gather resources and strategies, and that is just what she did. I am grateful to have a mom who is an advocate for her own and many other children.

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The advocate that I choose to write about is Rachel Mustain. Rachel is an advocate for a group called Klife which is a non profit youth ministry for elementary, middle and high school boys and girls. Rachel is very passionate about this organization and does what ever she can in order for people to know more about Klife and the work it is doing in children’s lives. Rachel uses social media as a big platform for Klife advocacy, and posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter about Klife and how to get involved with it or how to donate. Rachel is also very vocal and jumps at the opportunity to speak at community events, schools, or have fundraisers about Klife and talk about how the program has changed her life. Lastly, Rachel created a website for Klife and uses that as a platform for people to have more information about Klife, and a way for people to donate to this awesome organization.


I actually had to think for a while to figure out what advocate is present in my life. I consider myself an advocate. 3 advocacy actions include resolving problems with manager discrimination at work by gathering information, talking to the appropriate people to try and resolve the issue, and not freaking out. I consider staying calm an advocacy action because it’s not an easy task to carry out when tense situations are happening.


An advocate that I know in my life is named Sydney. Three examples of her advocacy actions would be that she helps rape victims in their time of need by helping them with resources and sitting with them during their exam, she gives out information to the community in regards to sexual assault to help people be aware, and she goes to court with victims of sexual assault when they need someone with them.

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Dr. Carl Hart advocates by telling the story of his childhood, his adversity, and allowing others to gain strength through their similarities.  He joined the board of The Drug Policy Alliance in an effort to advocate on a larger scale for the legalization of marijuana use recreationally.  He studied neuroscience and has gained massive amounts of knowledge on the effects of drug use on brain and speaks out regarding the misleading information we’ve all heard and learned to be true.