How Will Technology and Media Affect Our Future??

I still remember the first day that my high school implemented the new Bring Your Own Technology, or BYOT for short, system. It was my junior year, just a regular ol’ Wednesday except for now; we couldn’t get trouble for having our phones out!!!!! Or at least that’s how we saw it anyways. We didn’t know about all the opportunities we would have to learn using technology and frankly we didn’t really care, we were just excited to not use the whole “casually look down at your crotch” texting technique anymore. And now I can’t even remember a time when we didn’t have our phones and laptops and iPads and every other chunk of metal we call “technology” crowding our desk.

I truly don’t know if using technology had helped me or hurt me more in my learning adventure of college. It was definitely pointless in high school, no doubts about that. I honestly don’t even know what I learned in high school because I never STUDIED! I firmly believe that if I had studied as hard as I do now in college back in high school, I would have been flipping valedictorian instead of number 334 out of 806. But back to technology: the media has definitely influenced my learning experience in school greatly as well as in life overall. I think I was a tad to old to be heavily effected. As I mentioned before BYOT didn’t come to my school until my junior year and even then teachers didn’t really know what to do with it until after I had graduated and Instagram wasn’t popular until my senior year. But, the affect that the media and technology has had on the generation about five years younger than I is major. My little sister is 15 years old and she and her friends live off of technology, I doubt they even know what to do without it. Do they know what a newspaper is? Or how to look up words in a real, live dictionary?? Although the media becoming so popular and easily accessible to those who have had to do it that hard way for so long, I believe that the generations to come will suffer greatly and become unintentionally lazy and uncreative. My greatest fear is that our world will end up like the movie WALLŸE where everyone turns into overweight slobs that have hoverboard-like chairs that carry them everywhere to the point that they can’t even walk anymore because of their lack bone mass. I fear that technology being incorporated in every aspect of life like it is now will turn the human race into those incapable humans.

Our Generation 2015-09-30 23:56:47


Our generation has e privilege to say that we are living through major technological advances and creations. I remember when the first iPhone came out and it being the coolest thing to get your hands on. So much has changed with the iPhone, we are now up to the seventh model of the iPhone, the iPhone 6s. LTE signal is obtained pretty much anywhere and we hate having 3G, when 8 years ago 3G was capable with the iPhone. But it is not all about signal, any cellular device in our present day can give us access to the world within seconds. With just a phrase in a search bar we can look up facts, news articles, definitions, and even translations. Apple has given everyone the ability to view world news.

In the screenshot above you can see U.S. television news, newspapers, and even sports news. By simply touches one of those stories you will instantly receive full articles from around the nation and the world. Our generation is always on the move but there is one thing we consistently have on us in all of our locations and that is our phones. Almost everyone is guilty of getting on their phone in awkward moments or moments of boredom. Networks like ESPN and CNN have apps full of articles on specific teams or games, trades and drafts, and even an opportunity to stream everyday live news cast. Media has worked it’s way into our busy lives, which is smart because we rarely have the time to sit In front of a tv. Our generation is privileged beaches we should never be unaware of trends, amazing plays, political scandals, etc considering we have unlimited access to them.

The media being on our phones, when you take a step back, is remarkable. The large strides media and technology has made within 8 years shows that the media will never die. The media has over come many obstacles to remain one of the most powerful influences in our everyday lives. Without the media working 24/7 to keep us entertained and informed a lot of us would be clueless to what goes on world wide. 

The World at our Fingertips

Media convergence is the merging of previously distinct media technologies and media forms resulting from digitization and computer networking.[1] Media is everywhere we look. We can access anything we want anytime we want; the media is right at our fingertips. It is nice to receive a notification from CNN or Fox News on my phone every time something major is going on in the world, but I also sometimes wish that us as a society did not have as much exposure to the media. Media convergence creates a much more informed society, but it also has created a much more desensitized society. The images shown by media have caused people to not see things as disturbing because nothing is censored anymore. I can admit that I have become desensitized to images in the media, which has caused me to lose compassion for certain things. This has caused society overall to lack compassion as well. We need more compassion in this world, and if there were more censorship in the media, there would most likely be more within society. I am not saying that we need to censor everything, but I believe a lot of people would benefit from a little bit of it. As technology continues to progress, media will become even more available, which does not even seem possible at this point. As a walk around OU’s campus, I see media convergence everywhere I go. I see it on Gaylord through the moving screen, I see it on my phone, and I see it through the Internet. As we go throughout the world, we need to keep in mind that media is everywhere, and the world is at our fingertips. However, we do not need to be tainted by the influences of the amount of media we are exposed to. We need to form our own opinions over our own issues, and sometimes ignorance is bliss. Is it really that important for us to know the name of Kim Kardashian’s new baby, or for us to know what thing Miley Cyrus is wearing? Media convergence has made society feel as if we need to know every single detail about everything going on in the world, but in reality, this information can be too much for us to handle. Sometimes in certain situations, ignorance is bliss. We all need to take a step back and not let ourselves be consumed by the media but pick and choose what information we want to know about.

[1] Canadian encyclopedia


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Blog Post #1: Convergence of Media

The convergence of the media has greatly affected the consumer population. The population now plays a much more vital role in the influence of the media and how it is portrayed to the public. Personally, I believe that this has both negatively and positively influenced the way the media now operates.
The positive influences it has had on the media include: directly showing the media how people feel about what is going on in the world. It also allows the media to have a better interaction with the people who are consuming their product. Many of the people who directly influence the media in this way are bloggers, or in some way, shape, or form get their opinions out to the masses. These people often show the real details of what is going on in a particular scenario. I feel like this directness that the consumer can have to media can greatly help any and all information that the media is trying to portray.
The negatives that it can have on the media include: over influencing the media and getting incorrect information to the public. I feel like these influences wrongfully direct the media. The media can take these influences and twist them into their own words to where the media begins to incorrectly inform the public.
This convergence also shouldn’t be viewed in an entirely negative light because although many people believe it is a doing away with the old version of media, to me it seems like the two are doing more of a mergence and this allows them to have two separate ways of reaching audiences.
I think that these things show that the media can have problems as well as successes in all versions of how they portray their news. The media has shown that they can be extremely biased over the last few years and when you compare that with bloggers they are insanely similar. The negatives that bloggers have contributed directly to the negatives that the media is now portraying to the general public.

Media Convergence

In an age of increasing connectivity, mass media converges more and more all the time. Media technologies that were once separated merge, while new ways of using digital connectivity to expand media are found. The brick-and-mortar movie store is going the way of the dinosaurs as digitization and modern day networks make it obsolete. People no longer need to go to Blockbuster to rent a movie. Instead, they can turn on their cable box and order new releases to stream right to their TV. Or they could use their TV, laptop, tablet or even their phone to watch Netflix, Hulu or another streaming platform. Consumers are no longer tied to one delivery method when it comes to consuming movies. Likewise, consumers also have many more options when it comes to the news that they watch, read and hear. With so many options, it’s much easier for consumers to find news that suits their needs, and follows the stories they care about. But as consumers find it easier to receive niche news, they open themselves to bias. Everybody has some bias, even though they may do their best to be objective. When you receive your news from niche news sources time after time, you expose yourself to that bias frequently. And when you read the same niche news every week, you may miss important news outside the scope of your daily news media intake. Increasing media convergence is a double-edged sword. It provides the consumer with many options for consuming media the way they want to. But it is up to the consumer to choose from the buffet of options wisely, and to choose content that will provide accurate information about the increasingly interconnected world.

Intro Blog Post Week 6

Recall and Precision: I like to think of recall as “everything” and precision as “only what’s important to my search.” This is the easiest way I can put it. Finding everything on a subject seems like the best route to take, simply because we don’t know what we’re missing out on when we only have precision (relevance can vary, correct?).

FoMO: Having “fear of missing out” is a real thing that I tend to witness among my friends when it comes to social media or when we hang out and someone can’t join us. I’m not sure if it’s a matter of missing out on the information entirely or if it’s being late to the party when it comes to hearing news. I don’t regret not being the first to hear something, but I do think I have a little anxiety when it comes to gathering all details that are needed and making sure I’m not missing anything important. I’m sure we all feel that way.

“Finished”: Knowing when I’ve exhausted all of my resources in a search really depends on the assignment and its requirements. In my undergraduate degree, I tried to find both primary and secondary sources to reinforce my argument. A good rule of thumb that I use now is, “If I (the reader) am new to this topic, would the supplemental research given fully explain and support my thesis?”

NO INTERNET?!: I honestly can’t say what I would do if the Internet just so happened to disappear one day. Like many of my fellow classmates, I rely on the Internet to do homework, research, and keep in touch with others in the program. Without the web, I would physically have to go to Norman for class (work wouldn’t be too happy about that!). I would also have to brush up on browsing reference books offered at my local library and Bizzell. At work, I rely on the Internet to communicate with other libraries in our system; I guess the telephone and interoffice mail would have to do! As for leisure, I’d say goodbye to Netflix and Hulu. *tear*

LIS_4523_Fa15 JournalBlog_6

If the Internet disappeared tomorrow, I actually don’t know how the human civilization would be able to do everyday tasks without the Internet. It would affect me studying for classes because it would force me to buy the actual textbooks and read from them instead of using my computer. It would make communication also different because people of today’s generation use cell phones to communicate with each other. More communication would be face to face instead of using text messages to talk. I think this would be more interesting in a class situation because it would force more students to pay attention instead of being on their cell phones. I still think that communication will be greatly affected without Internet because long distance relationships with companies or with people would change. We wouldn’t be able to have relations with other countries without the Internet to communicate.

How Media Convergence effects YOU and ME

In order to know how media convergence effects you and I, we first have to know
what media convergence is. Media convergence is the merging of mass communication outlets – print, television, radio, the Internet along with portable and interactive technologies through various digital media platforms.

This just means that access to news and the media is much easier to get. We can just grab our phones, tablets, laptops, televisions etc. and with one click of a button find out what is
going on in the world around us. We no longer have to hunt for news and media, it comes to us. No more getting up to get the newspaper, all we have to do is click a button. All of this technology makes it possible for everyone no matter the age to keep up with news.

This also makes us more informed of what is going on in the news and media. I personally do not believe that if media were not at the touch of a finger, that I would bother to mess with it. But because media convergence I am constantly looking at media, Instagram, and all these social apps, that keeps me connected to what’s going on. Media convergence allow us to know what is happening across the world in seconds and allows us to stay in tuned. Media convergence also allows me and you to get news how we like! How cool is that! If you are not a reader, you can now tune it on any website and simply watch a video. Media convergence has created multiple outlets, so you are able to choose how you want your media.

But with all good things there are some bad as well. Media convergence allows easy access to all ages and all people. Meaning that there are unreliable sources out there. We are exposed to false information. This easy access may be a negative thing to young people as well because it may expose them to information they are not yet ready to be exposed to.

Media is a great way to spread information, promote activist groups and advertise. Media convergence has allowed the spread of information to take place in seconds. Companies can pinpoint who their target area is and advertise to us through the appropriate media outlet. For example, if a makeup company wants to sell their product to teen girls they might throw up an ad on the latest One Direction music video. Narrowing their focus group to help them sell their product.

Media convergence has allowed us to stay in tuned with news, and the media around us. It allows us to get media our way at the touch of a button.

First Design Project… Check!

For my first design project, we were asked to design a business card and letterhead for our organization. At first I was intimidated because it would be our first time using InDesign to create a finalized product. I wasn’t sure if I was going to remember how to do everything we had learned in the tutorial videos. However, once I started messing around in the different applications it came back to me little by little, but I still had to ask for help often from the professors! I had to rework my design a few times. It took me a while to reach the simplicity I wanted, which I didn’t think would be as hard as it was. I got  little frustrated. I think I reacted this way because I knew what I wanted to do, but couldn’t quite get the design to the place I wanted it to be. It’s very easy to over complicate and over work a design, which is something I will definitely keep in mind for the next project.

I will actually be using this design for Destination Blank. I’ve already replaced my old logo with the one I created on my social media accounts. I know I might revisit it and rework it a little in the future, but right now I’m excited to have a legitimate logo for my travel blog.

I recommend students in the future to ask! If there’s something you can’t do, there’s someone (or a video) that can probably guide you there and you might even take you a step beyond what you thought you could do. Asking for help not only lets you branch out, but it lets your design branch out as well. I can’t think of a better way to use programs like InDesign than through people that know them well and can teach you to do things above what you thought was possible. It makes the project even more exciting and fun.

DB letterhead copy